Trump is doomed

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All through the nearly seven months that Donald Trump has served as president of the United States, I’ve been predicting that he won’t likely remain in office for the full four years to which he was elected.

My sense of the matter has been colored, of course, by my distaste for the nonsense The Donald has been peddling all along to America’s boobosie. And now he’s finally gone too far, thereby sealing his political doom.

Trump’s lame effort  to draw a false equivalence between the blatant racists who gathered this past weekend in Charlottesville, Va., and the people of principle who confronted them is the last straw. His claim that the good guys and the bad guys were equally distributed among the two sides is ringing hollow  among all but the most dimwitted and gullible of his supporters.

It’s important, I think, to take note of the manner in which Trump made this foolish blunder. His tirade was not scripted and not expected. Even his closest aides were taken by surprise. Some of them seemed more than a little uncomfortable to hear their boss peddle such baloney.

This was not a calculated political strategy agreed upon by the president and his top handlers. Rather, it was an impulsive tirade from a man who resents having to distinguish between the good guys and the villains in Charlottesville. It was an awkward effort to protect, as best he could, the white supremacists who comprise a part of Trump’s political base.

The president seemed to think that he could put the Charlottesville matter behind him if he blamed everyone involved in the situation and glossed over the excesses of the racists who stirred up the disorders. But it hasn’t worked. An early reading of public reaction to Trump’s  effort suggests that he’s only worsened the political trouble in which he finds himself.

Coming, as it does, before the ongoing investigation of Russian meddling in last year’s presidential campaign is concluded, this latest problem suggests that public support of Trump won’t be widespread if Special Counsel Robert Mueller brings charges against him.

If I were a betting man — and I am — I’d be willing to wager that Donald J. Trump will not last through next year as president of the United States.

Remember where  you heard it.



  1. I don’t think what Trump said was so off base.

    I also don’t think the left stands with these thugs any more than the right stands with the White Nationalist/Neo-Nazi.

    The left though, has shown that it has no tolerance for anything that doesn’t meet their narrative. I only know one very left of center leaning liberal. All others are like most people, somewhere between center left and center right.

    Do you think these guys, when they’re rampaging, are going to know your political leanings or care?

    Trump needs to get control of this violent political movement that is invading both sides.


  2. As our countries history is erased by out of control PC, just remember what happens to people when they lose their memory. Without your memory, who are you? Without our countries history, who are we as a nation, good bad or indifferent? Apparently, not that place that was praised so much in the past.

    Where are we heading?

    The far left is out to silence anybody who doesn’t believe as they do. They control the media and now they want us to believe that violence, as long as its from their standpoint, is righteous and good.

    Is that the America you want to live in? Or can you share it with people who don’t see things quite like you do?

  3. Now we have a black minister in Chicago who wants to change all city park names named after presidents who owned slaves.

    Where does it stop?

    Hah liberals, where does it stop?

  4. Steverino

    It stops when tiki torch Trump goes to prison. Mueller now has access to the Deutsche bank records.

  5. Steverino

    Too funny, when the heats on let’s look up stuff on Hillary’s server. I wonder if it contains money laundering, sex trafficking or Russian collusion. Don’t forget Benghazi, let’s put another committee together at the tax payer’s expense to find zip.

    • You mean like Mueller’s witch hunt? Remember that special council that went after Bill Clinton? Started out seeking proof of criminal activity related to Whitewater. Ended up finding a blue dress with semen stains. It still did the job that committee set out to do.

  6. Case against Wasserman Schmidt ex IT employee gets 4 count indictment. Interesting. I never thought I would be using FOX News as a resource, but the rest of the media is worse in terms of bias.


  7. The media has simplified the current attempt to takedown Trump to a good guy bad buy argument. Antifa good, Nazi KKK bad. On the surface it looks like the right message, but its not. Both groups and methods are horrible. They’re no different. I’ve seen Antifa at work in the town I live in. They’re violent. You might also want to look up the NYT’s writer who made that observation in Charlottesville (based on what she witnessed) and was immediately deluged with threats and forced to retract her comment. This is how Antifa works. You may also want to look up the group, Color of Change. They’re also a group that uses intimidation and threats of harm to business people and others who don’t hold the narrative they believe is the only correct one to have. These people are dangerous. They’re not on your side. Most people are in the middle. Antifa is not. The SPLC has also gone off the deep end and been corrupted by the far left too. The only people defending the White Separatist, KKK, and any Neo-Nazi movemement, are members of those hate groups. Any group that doesn’t hold the PC narrative is called a hate group. It’s that easy now to become labeled in that term. No more is their dialogue, it’s their way or youre on the list to be destroyed.

    “Part of the problem is psychological. There’s a natural tendency to think that when people, or movements, hate each other, it must be because they’re opposites. This assumption overlooks the fact that many — indeed, most — of the great conflicts and hatreds in human history are derived from what Sigmund Freud called the “narcissism of minor differences.” Most tribal hatreds are between very similar groups. The European wars of religion were between peoples who often shared the same language and culture but differed on the correct way to practice the Christian faith. The Sunni–Shia split in the Muslim world is the source of great animosity between very similar peoples.”

    “The antifa crowd has a very similar agenda with regard to traditional American liberalism. These goons and thugs oppose free speech, celebrate violence, despise dissent, and have little use for anything else in the American political tradition. But many liberals, particularly in the media, are victims of the same kind of confusion that vexed so much of American liberalism in the 20th century. Because antifa suddenly has the (alt-)right enemies, they must be the good guys. They’re not.”

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450583/alt-right-antifa-both-bad-groups-ideology

  8. Robert – it just goes to show that if you feel you have to use Fox News as a source, then you indeed are desparate! What lies and filth that network tells to defend Trump. Yes, Hillary definitely had and apparently still hasissues, but she is no longer partaking in our current corrupt government thank goodness. Not sure why Fox News concentrates on her so much yet when we need to be really concerned with our current corrupt officials in the White House. The clamor of “fake news” and democrats as obstructionists to maintain the divide in America is just pathetic. Please, rethink your using of Fox News as a source otherwise your credibility and claimed impartiality is a joke. Sorry, Fox has soiled themselves with their undeserved support of this administration.

  9. Thanks to his fellow right-wing idiots, Robert has a new word with which to adorn his nonsensical comments — “antifa.” He’ll likely use it in most of his contributions in the coming months — at least until a new fashion arises among the racist scum whose lead he follows so religiously.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      Again, Patrick, just like all the other bigots on the left, attacks the messenger, not the message. I win, again.

    • Uh….the name “Antifa” doesn’t come from the “right-wing”. The group self-describes using that name.

      Should Robert instead refer to those violent urine, feces and bomb-tossing anti free-speech rioters as “people of principle” as you did above? “People of principle.” Really?

      Antifa is a very legitimate word for Robert or anyone to use. Your ridicule of his proper use of the word in an attempt to pre-empt any further use shows that you are as in favor of limiting speech as the rest of your fellow left-wing idiots that you heap praise on.

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