What a day!



If you’re like me and view most matters through the prism of politics, you may have noticed that this third Friday in August of 2017 is shaping up as an especially good day — and it’s only noon as I write these words.

Almost everything I’ve seen this morning on TV and the internet bodes well for the good guys.

Donald Trump’s slide into public disfavor continues apace as his poll numbers steadily decline.

The sudden surge of neo-Confederate sentiment in this country is suffering a stunning beat-back.

Certifiable nutcase Steve Bannon, a racist if there ever was one,  has been banished from the Trump administration.

Prominent Republican lawmakers — Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, to name a few — are questioning the president’s fitness for high office. More GOP politicians are sure to follow suit.

Perhaps the most remarkable turn of events this week has been the utter failure of Trump’s foolish declaration that the blatant bigots and neo-Nazis who rallied last Saturday in Charlottesville, Va., were no worse than the people who gathered there to express opposition to such hate. This cowardly president seems to think he can benefit politically from a middling stance that finds fault with both sides in the controversy.

I may be  wrong about all ot this, but these and other such developments seem to be cresting today.

My reading of history suggests that major turning points sometimes arise on otherwise ordinary days. It’s probably too early to say that today is such a day. But who knows? We’ll find out soon enough.

We might someday look back on this start of a late-summer weekend as the day that America’s crazy flirtation with Trumpism irredeemably turned sour and began its plunge into permanent ignominy.





  1. Dear Lord, please send us a sign to let us know if we should impeach the heretic Trump. Like, blot out the sun sometime in the next week or so. Thanks and Amen.

  2. Neftali

    Which people are the bad ones in Charlottesville? The ones who showed up with weapons, or the other ones who showed up with weapons?

    • Thank you for providing a rational observation.

    • The Nazis are the bad guys. I mean, is there confusion about whether the Nazis are the bad guys? Because I’m pretty sure we settled that one in about 1940.

      • Neftali

        Ken – You’re correct the Nazis are the bad guys. But the other side, the self proclaimed antifa, who are really just Communist supporters, are no better.)

        The KKK and nazi sympathizers has been holding marches for decades. Most intelligent people just ignore them. But the censorship loving leftists of today feel they need to start a fight, so they also showed up with weapons, hence why both sides suck.

    • Shawn Robinson

      Are you a concealed carry or open carry guy? It shouldn’t matter who shows up with weapons but who uses them illegally.

  3. Patrick, I think your recent estimation that Trump probably won’t last through next year was an awfully gracious timeline. If he makes it past Nov 15 of this year, I’ll be thoroughly amazed, but, I don’t think his undoing will be anything related to Russian collusion.

    The country cannot withstand much more of the instability his administration is showing, or his flippant not well presented responses. He is treating the presidency as a reality show. I don’t think he’s evil though.

    It doesn’t mean I won’t error on the side of center right in my opinions and I may express some approval in Trump’s positions, but there has to be a better presentation of the presidency.

    PS – I wouldn’t want Bannon as an enemy.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      Patrick, this is the headline right now on the DailyMail

      “Trump now APPLAUDS 40,000 protesters for ‘speaking out against hate’ after first condemning ‘anti-police agitators’ among huge anti-fascist crowd that took on ‘free speech’ activists in Boston”

      When did free speech become unallowable? The far left, that appears to be growing, is appearing more and more like George Orwell’s view of the future.

      What happened to the past beliefs that were so espoused by the left, that they may not agree with other peoples views but they’ll fight for their right to have them? Free speech is history. That Google employee showed the world only poltically correct speech is allowable. Everything else will be beat to a pulp.

  4. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    To all you on the left that think you’re thoughts and views won’t be affected because you’re on the right side of the argument, you’re mistaken. Everybody’s speech and thoughts will be put through the approval process… Enjoy the monster you created the past few years with all the snowflakes and their fragile little egos… The professional comedians tried to tell us that things have gone too far.. everyone’s speech will become offensive in one way or another as the professional outrage industry fans those flames.

    How long before Mt Rushmore is blown up. You know its coming. .. you watch.

    Will Jesse Jackson be forced to change his last name? How about Harold Washington, the former mayor Chicago? How about all the street names..that’s coming too.

    This isn’t Trump’s doing… this direction was promoted by Obama, Michelle and Hillary to energize the left to get them out to vote… and when Hillary lost, the left became enraged…. that caused the far right to be awakened. Most people are in the center and they’re going to side with whoever can get control of the civility our nation had before the snowflakes were handed the microphone and used clubs to enforce their views. Like I said lefty’s, you won’t avoid the ill effects of the PC police. George Orwell vision is now coming true… 33 years late… Interesting.. 33 years … the age that Christ was when he was crucified for not having politically correct views…. and I’m not a religious person.

  5. Steverino

    Take your meds Robert and visit Stone Mountain before it’s sandblasted.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      That’s right steverino, attack the person because you can’t challenge or counter the argument with a rational, relevant response.

      Here’s some more information coming out of the Charlottesville event. Katie Couric and staff hit with urine and feces bombs. That tactic is affiliated with the Antifa’s. They’ve used it elsewhere too. As I’ve said, as civility continues to decay in the USA, the Antifa’s will not care who they attack. Anybody is a target because they’re nothing but hooligans and thugs. Just remember “free speech” is under attack. That’s your free speech and mine. At some point, we will all be targets because mob rule is where these Antifa’s are taking our country. And the right will become just as culpable as they respond to the left’s desire to silence any opposition. Mobs aren’t rational. All they care about is putting another notch in the belt, or in this case, another tattoo on their already overly inked bodies.

      I will continue challenging the violent left and its supporters on this blog.

      PS – When will that political whore, Nancy Pelosi, demand not only that the confederate statues are removed from our nations capital, but also that the Democratic Party change its name to eliminates its heritage supporting slavery? Maybe she could offer a new name, The Placation Party, as the dems stumble over themselves enabling the thugs they think will have their backs if/when all hell breaks loose.

      I hope AG Sessions and the DOJ are successful in getting a list of Antifa names from their website. They’ve subpoena’d that information but the organization and its server are resisting.


  6. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Since the outrage of the day is Confederate icons of American history and their relationship to the slavery industry, let’s review some facts that don’t fit the narrative about all those bad people of white privilege and white supremacy… according to Snopes (the arbiter of all things proposed for review for credibility and truthfulness),

    There’s plenty other examples out there. Sorry to destroy the fake narrative the democrats are trying to push. It disgust me to see the democratic politicians stumbling over themselves to express their latest outrage… huh, how many years have these phonies been walking past these statues in the halls of our nations governmental office and now its the outrage du jour, so they follow along, and then they wonder why people have such low opinions of politicians. Drain the swamp….

    “The first legal slave owner in American history was a black tobacco farmer named Anthony Johnson.

    Possibly true. The wording of the statement is important. Anthony Johnson was not the first slave owner in American history, but he was, according to historians, among the first to have his lifetime ownership of a servant legally sanctioned by a court.

    “A former indentured servant himself, Anthony Johnson was a “free negro” who owned a 250-acre farm in Virginia during the 1650s, with five indentured servants under contract to him. One of them, a black man named John Casor, claimed that his term of service had expired years earlier and Johnson was holding him illegally. In 1654, a civil court found that Johnson in fact owned Casor’s services for life, an outcome historian R Halliburton Jr. calls “one of the first known legal sanctions of slavery — other than as a punishment for crime.”

    “North Carolina’s largest slave holder in 1860 was a black plantation owner named William Ellison.

    (It’s false because he was only the largest black slave owner in So. Carolina.)

    False. William Ellison was a very wealthy black plantation owner and cotton gin manufacturer who lived in South Carolina (not North Carolina). According to the 1860 census (in which his surname was listed as “Ellerson”), he owned 63 black slaves, making him the largest of the 171 black slaveholders in South Carolina, but far from the largest overall slave holder in the state.

    Read on… unless you’re just another phony SJW and anything that doesn’t support your outrage is to be dismissed and the person presenting it, demonized.


  7. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    More lunacy coming from the left and across the country, as we all watch the attack on Western Culture, as one commenter notes in this article… This is more veiled anti-white bias that will turn into violence if left to fester, as the politicians and corporations suck up to those behind this movement. Our country is being dismantled. You start with the icons. Then what’s next? And I can guarantee that many liberals, like those that post on this board, will cheer it on even if it means their own demise.

    If you wont speak out against this anti-American sentiment, you’re not for the USofA. You stand with the anarchist. Pick your side.


    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      If this isn’t anti-white bias and hatred, why are all the statues of white people?

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      And one more thing, as I try to cover all my bases against all the attacks I may receive, I don’t believe all people of color are behind this movement anymore than I believe all liberals and democrats are. I think many, if not most, are horrified by this direction the anarchist have taken in their hatred of America, Western Culture and those people (aka, outrage du jour) they believe are the source of all their ills because its easier to get another tattoo, or smoke another joint, or shoot up that heroin, than it is to be a productive citizen. And to think,

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