Scientific predictions of eclipse were dead-on

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A question arises:

Why was nobody surprised by today’s solar eclipse?

The answer, of course, is simple: Scientists predicted it.

Ah, but the overwhelming consensus among climate scientists on the issue of global warming is ignored by millions of people.  Why the inconsistency?

Funny thing, but the answer to that one also is pretty simple: The deniers mostly are right-wing ideologues. They know that they’ll all likely be dead before the consequences of climate change become downright unbearable. Meanwhile,  they’ll cling to their foolish claims that global warming is part of a fiendish scheme on the part of liberals to radically alter our lifestyles and ruin our economy.

Oh, sure, there are some credentialed scientists who find fault with climate-change theories. But they’re in the minority. And their arguments are losing credibility with each passing day. These guys tend not to land jobs at the most prestigious universities.

Another question arises: Why is climate-change denialism far more popular among Republican politicians than Democrats?

The answer to that one also is pretty simple: Republicans are more likely to be funded by industries that do most of the polluting. By the time their prostitution becomes amply clear to one and all, they’ll be dead or at least retired.

Then, too, memories tend to be short among most Americans. Politicians often are not held to account when the crap they spew is fully discredited.

Getting back to the eclipse, it’s my guess that most of the scientists who have schooled us on the fine technical points of this phenomenon also subscribe to mainstream theories on climate change. But the fools among us are free to disagree with them at least until the worst consequences of global warming come to bear.




  1. Determining the timing of an eclipse is a math formula. Humans have been able to predict eclipses for millennia. Your climate science experts have been consistently, spectacularly wrong in their predictions for decades. But leave it to you to conflate the predictable rules of orbital mechanics with a chaotic open system like climate.

    I’m just surprised you didn’t suggest the eclipse is racist like the Atlantic did.

  2. Steverino

    Wonder how many deniers got their pupils singed following the example of Twitler.

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