Does Trump deserve blame for Houston crisis?

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The answer to the question in the headline above is affirmative — at least to some extent.

Climate scientists generally believe that Hurricane Harvey is a product of global warming. But Donald Trump is a world-class climate-change denier. With nary a shred of supporting evidence, he says it’s a hoax dreamed up by the Chinese, and he’s loaded his Cabinet with crackpots who embrace similarly foolish notions.

Anyone who dares to link the disaster in Houston to global warming likely will be accused by the deniers of trying to politicize an unforeseeable human tragedy. But the current situation has not been unforeseeable. Events like this have been predicted for years.

Scientists have long been warning that increasingly warm oceans inevitably will produce increasingly powerful storms. The planet as a whole is getting warmer, and the consequences are disastrous — greater droughts, massive storms and dramatic departures from the regularity of weather patterns of decades ago.

But Donald Trump isn’t buying it. A few months ago, he ordered American withdrawal from the Paris climate accords. And many of his fellow Republican politicians dared not disagree. Indeed, the hypocrisy of some GOP officials is such that they’ll frantically push for government disaster aid in states where Republicans comprise a majority, despite their previous opposition to federal relief in the wake of big storms in Democratic states.

In the past few years, polls have shown a steady rise in the percentage of Americans concerned about climate change. But President Trump remains a bull-headed non-believer.

I wouldn’t wish a climate disaster on any human being, but there would be a semblance of justice if climate change produced a ruinous fate on the East coast of Florida, where Trump owns a luxurious resort. It wouldn’t likely prompt him to change his tune, but it would be interesting to see how he tries to finesse the issue.


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  1. Steverino

    Trump’s a disaster boasting about the size of the crowd who came to hear him boasting about the size of the crowd.

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