Percentage of white Christians in America is declining

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If you get the impression that America is not what it used to be, you’re correct to an extent that probably would surprise you.

USA Today, in a report on a new study, says this:

White Christians accounted for 80% of the U.S. population when Jimmy Carter was president; that number had dropped to 54% by 2006, and white Christians now make up only 43% of the U.S. population, as the number of people unaffiliated with any religion has swelled.

Wow! Those numbers are shocking even to me, and I pride myself as one who usually pays a lot of attention to such statistics.  What the hell has happening to our country?

At first glance, you might expect that this decline in the percentage of white Christians would be especially bad news for the Republican Party, which is dominated by such folks. But that’s not necessarily the case.

White Christians are no longer a majority in America, but they still make up nearly three-quarters of the Republican Party.

White Christians accounted for 80% of the U.S. population when Jimmy Carter was president; that number had dropped to 54% by 2006, and white Christians now make up only 43% of the U.S. population, as the number of people unaffiliated with any religion has swelled.

But the GOP remains about 73% white Christian — down slightly from 10 years ago — and 35% evangelical, despite the fact that white evangelical protestants now make up only 17% of the U.S. population, according to the yearlong survey of more than 100,000 people by PRRI, a public policy research firm that specializes in issues of faith.

By contrast, fewer than one-third of Democrats are white Christians, down from about 50% a decade ago.

USA Today quotes Robert P. Jones, the CEO of a research firm that specializes in issues of religious faith, as follows:

“We are seeing increasingly the Republican Party becoming more and more a white Christian party that is heavily rooted in the South and Midwest and the Democratic Party kind of following along these demographic changes, becoming less white and less Christian.”

This trend away from Christianity is strongest among young people. About 24% of Americans are now religiously unaffiliated, up from about 10% in 1995. Among people aged 18-29, that number rises to just shy of 40%.

As things stand now, the Republican Party seems to benefit politically from its greater identification with religious zeal. But the situation likely is in flux. America is changing — and changing quickly.

Neither of the two major political parties is likely to be the same, demographically speaking, 10 years hence.







  1. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Yes Patrick, white people are becoming unchurched at an alarming rate. I’m one of them, and so are you, even though we were both raised in the Catholic faith ( If I recall your religious background correctly). I have no problem with my upbringing in that faith. In fact, when I was a believer, I thought Catholics were God’s chosen. I didn’t realize that all the other believers of different faiths, secretly thought the same.

    Fast forward to Steve Bannon’s upcoming segment on 60 Minutes. His opinion is the pope is placating to the unlawful immigrants here in the USA, because its more people for his church to appeal to and collect cash from each Sunday. Especially after the Catholic church lost so many Latino Catholics and future Catholics (many from Mexico and So. America), because of the highly publicized sex abuse cases by the priest. NOTE – The evangelicals saw an opportunity in Mexico and So. America the past few decades, when the sex abuse issue started affecting the population of the Catholic church. Many Latino Catholics became Evangelicals. It’s all about money. More parishoner’s equals more money each week when the basket is passed down the pews.

    Bannon is right on this issue. The pope’s interest are not from a humanitarian standpoint, its to make points with people who want to feel safe and think the Catholic church is a place to align with.

    PS – I have no problem with the DACA kids or those people here from south of the border. They add a great amount of value to our society, but Bannon is right on this issue.

    So yes, your printed observations are right and the pope sees an opportunity to profit by placating. That’s not unusual today. All politicians do that these days, and the pope is nothing but an elected politician with a robe and a bonnet.

  2. The topic of this thread is White Christians. In today’s politically caustic environment, many of those same White Christians will also be labeled White Supremacists, by many on the left.

    White Supremacists, the new boogyman that is being magnified way beyond the role they really play in American identities, is what I want to talk about and how this very small group is now the face of White America and to some on the left, all white people are White Supremacists.

    These White Supremacists and as associated by the media, Nazi’s, are such a small group, they’d hardly get a dog catcher elected, let alone influence the outcome of an election and be a group to be pandered to. But somehow, they’re the USA’s greatest threat right now, even though most of the violence we’ve seen over the past few years has come from groups like Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street and the new menace on the block, Antifas. These leftist groups do make up a large number of people as evidenced by the riots we’ve all seen on tv and for some of us, in person. The liberal MSM, at least up until a few weeks ago, gave these leftist groups full benefit of the doubt as to the legitimacy of their message and the tactics they believe in. Antifa’s are now seen differently and as the terror group they are. BLM still gets kid glove treatment, because the media whores and the politicians will not call out their hypocrisy, as it relates to the violent Black neighborhoods that kill more Black youth and innocent people through Black on Black crime, than the police and white people are made out to, …and in numbers that far exceed the percentage of population Blacks represent, compared to the same FBI statistics on other racial groups.

    Fast forward to my recent experience with a person who is aligned with the left, but more of a mainstream mom/pop type than the activist/terrorist groups I noted above.

    Today I bought some items from a woman who is moving to Mexico. She’s selling most of what she and her significant other (how he referred to himself), can’t fit in their small car. I never met her before today. The meeting lasted no more than 20 minutes.

    When she told me was moving to Mexico, I asked about the crime and the drug gangs we hear about, that are killing people in quite alarming numbers, and very gruesomely. She said “that’s all blown out of proportion and its not the problem that its being made out to be.”

    I asked her why are we being told that drug gang violence is so bad down in Mexico? I told her I recently heard that Acapulco has become a dangerous area to visit also.

    She said “its because of all the white supremacists. They’re telling people that. They hate brown people.”

    This woman was very nice and appeared like she might be of Spanish heritage, but probably born and raised here in the USA. She appeared more white than a person of color, but many Latinos look like my Sicilian relatives, so most are considered white.

    I googled key words like mexican drug gangs, killings, CNN and MSNBC, in a chain. Sure enough I got lots of hits, so these mainstays of the liberal left for their news, are telling the very stories this woman told me is coming from White Supremacists. Next I looked up similar key words and used the Huffington Post as the media vehicle and sure enough I got some real juicy headlines. Here are some:

    Mexico’s Drug War Was World’s Second-Deadliest Conflict In 2016

    Why So Many Journalists Are Disappearing And Dying In Mexico

    Cartel Killing Place Texas and Mexico on High Alert

    The Carnage in Mexico: Do We Care?

    11 Numbers To Help You Understand The Violence Rocking Mexico

    I think I’ve made my point here. This poor woman has been so brainwashed by the liberal media about White Supremacists, that she can’t even see she’s been propagandized, and therefore she serves as a good example of how easy it is to bring along a large section of people, all based on fear, panic and prejudice that is being sown by the very media outlets the left uses as their gospel truth.

    Now wonder we’re so divided in our nation. People should be very concerned. It’s not that difficult to tip the balance into full on anarchy as people begin to distrust everybody. This is how civil wars begin. I don’t want our nation to become like we read about is occurring in the middle east. I just don’t know what to do to help stop that direction from propelling itself.

    We are being so propagandized. I’ve never seen or lived through anything like what is being sown in the USA and it all seems to be driven by who can garner the biggest audience and the most clicks, by the most incendiary headlines and stories to give value to them.

    Who is behind this? Who are the behind the scenes players driving us apart? There’s obviously a growing rift between the globalist and the nationalist and the media is in bed with the globalist, but the nationalist have just as big of following and they’ve been thrown under the bus by the very politicians they trusted, and they’ve come to believe Trump is their only hope, no matter how peculiar a man he is. He at least hears their voices.

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