Here’s why evening newscasts are so depressing

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For virtually all of my adult life, I’ve been a regular viewer of early evening newscasts on ABC, CBS or NBC, and I’ve discovered in recent years that the commercials on these programs generally are more depressing than the news.

I’ve lived alone for years now, leaving me free to switch among the TV channels all I want, which I regularly do during the news programs airing at 5:30 p.m. here in the Central Time Zone. I flip around a lot on the chance that one of the networks will feature a worthy news story that isn’t covered on the two other stations.

But the commercials aired by the three networks on their evening newscasts are pretty much the same — and they’re often depressing as hell.

If you watch for it, you’ll probably notice that these programs are loaded with commercials for prescription drugs. That’s because the viewing audience is full of geezers like me, people  who tend to have more health problems than younger folks.

The fundamental problem with this situation is that the commercials generally are more depressing than the news. The manufacturers of the drugs they’re peddling on TV apparently feel an obligation to warn viewers that there are potential drawbacks to medicating yourself with these products. And the lists of potential drawbacks can get pretty long. Some commercials seem to spend more time talking about possible adverse side effects than anything else.

Perhaps the most unsettling of these potential side effects is suicide — or “thoughts of suicide,” as the commercials usually put it.

Oh, great! As if the malady I want to treat is not bad enough in itself, the drug I’m taking for relief might make me want to kill myself.  And the manufacturer is making a specific point of this matter in its TV commercials. It’s probably a strategy to help guard against lawsuits.

Indeed, almost everything these days is intended to keep the lawyers at bay.

What a world!






  1. Let’s see how the far left turns this into a controversy. I can see the headlines now “Trump uses child labor at the White House, Coming for all underage first borns in coming months.”


  2. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Talking about evening newscast,

    I particularly liked a comment by a poster named Silky Jones.

    “I am black. Brothers still ain’t figured out if you don’t be a criminal, and you do listen to the popo you won’t get shot. What do you gain if you dead, bruh? Sue the s#it out of the city and the po-lice if they wrong. That the only way to hurt them and you be alive to spend the monie.”


    And yes, I’m busy today voicing my opinions. Just doing it while we can.

  3. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    And here’s a headline about Sean Spicer and his newfound relevance. As Glenn Greenwald correctly points out, at the levels our leaders travel within, they’re all united against Trump, who isn’t one of them.

    If you’re any kind of a political junkie, you’ll remember the GWB years and many of the players in that administration who legitimized things like waterboarding and began the steroidal spying on US citizens that Obama took yo even higher levels.

    Now many of those same players are united in their dislike for Trump with the democrats and liberal media outlets, as though their past is no longer relevant and should be forgiven.

    For instance,

    “The speechwriter who churned out some of George W. Bush’s worst lies and most obscene justifications, David “Axis of Evil” Frum, is a senior editor at The Atlantic, a CNN contributor, and one of the most beloved and cited commentators by the self-styled, anti-Trump “Resistance.” With a straight face, he wrote a long, somber Atlantic article earlier this year, which the magazine put on its cover, in which he postured as someone qualified to warn of the dangers of authoritarianism when his only real qualification would be to write a manual on how to implement it.”

    I’ll never forget when GWB, with Kofi Annan standing next to him, said with a straight face that Saddam Hussein wouldn’t let the inspectors in to look for WMD, so the USA had no choice but to bomb Iraq and begin the occupation. I’ll never forget the expression of amazement on Kofi’s face as GWB told that lie. Hans Blixer, the UN Inspector sent to Iraq to look for WMD had to rush out of Iraq before the bombs fell.

    Now these same neocons are aligned with the dems in their hatred of Trump, the outsider.

    Thank you Glenn Greenwald, one of the last truth tellers.


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