Relax! Trump won’t nuke North Korea, unless…

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President Trump created quite a stir this morning when he threatened, in a speech at the United Nations, to destroy North Korea if it doesn’t cease and desist with its nuclear saber-rattling.

The big surprise is that anyone seriously gave credence to this rhetoric.

Let’s get real here, folks.

Unless Trump and the military brass-hats who advise him have taken complete leave of their senses, there is no way in hell that the United States would pre-emptively nuke North Korea. That would constitute the murder of tens of millions of people without sufficient provocation — and would throw the world into terrible turmoil.

What would constitute sufficient provocation, you ask? Well, if North Korea waged war —  real war, not just rhetoric —  with some other nation without good reason, that might do the trick.

But that’s not what’s happening here. Sure, Kim Jong Un, the kid who runs the show in Pyongyang, aggressively flaps his yap with great frequency, but talk is just talk.

The real situation is quite simple. As long as North Korea doesn’t actually display real aggression, the United States is not going to nuke the place. Everything else is just political bombast.

It goes without saying that the United States would respond with a vengeance if North Korea ever used its nukes. But Trump would tarnish America’s image forevermore if he pre-emptively fired his own guns. That would cast him as the world’s biggest villain.

Of course, there remains the possibility, remote or otherwise, that Korea or some other rogue state could somehow trigger a big nuclear conflict that eventually embroils all the major nations of the world, in which case Trump’s tough talk at the U.N., and almost everything else he’s ever said, soon would be forgotten.

Oh, I probably should note here that a full-scale global war likely would result in suspension of this blog — at least until the smoke clears.

Your best bet is to check back here every once in a while to see if I’m still holding forth.



  1. North Korea firing missiles OVER Japan is highly concerning.

    Raise your hand if you have full confidence in North Korea’s ICBM technology to go exactly where they are intended to go. Any takers? Didn’t think so.

    The most likely scenario is Kim Jong Un getting a little too arrogant and cocky and tries another missile stunt showing off his military might, then have something go wrong and unexpected. As in terribly wrong. Not unrealistic for a missile intended to fly over Hokkaido and instead accidentally hit right in the middle of Sapporo killing tens of thousands of people.

    Then what happens? Does Japan just say, “Hey, it’s okay, we know it was an accident, no hard feelings.” Doubt it.

    Most likely Japan appeals to the United Nations, then God knows what will happen next. It really depends on if China and Russia allow the US to nuke North Korea knowing the ramifications from the radiation could easily affect their own country.

    Plenty to contemplate. Think I’ll get some ice cream.

  2. There’s always the false flag option to give legitimacy to the world stage.

    That something goes horribly wrong scenario could take form in a missile test shot over Japan that hackers cause to go down in an populated area, thus giving the image to the USA that a line in the sand was crossed, for example. Just saying we’re brought along in many ways. Any ice cream left?

    PS-China has major elections on Oct. 17. They don’t want anything to upset their domestic tranquility until the new leadership is chosen.

  3. Steverino

    Trump enjoys blowing smoke out of his back end in an international setting because he and his “very best people” have no diplomatic skills. It’s all show and by tomorrow morning he’ll be tweeting how good and forceful he looked to rocket man under the amber colored lights at the UN.

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