Is football doomed?



The question in the headline above is perhaps overstated. Football does not currently face actual extinction, but there’s plenty of evidence that it’s in decline of late in terms of attendance, TV ratings and, most importantly, participation.

And let’s not have it said that the controversy over conspicuous protests staged by Colin Kaepernick and certain other players during the playing of the National Anthem is a major factor in the fall-off of public interest in football.

Dismay with Kaepernick’s actions has nothing whatever to do with the broader difficulties faced by the gridiron sport. Kaepernick is completely a non-issue when it comes to the growing number of high schools and small colleges dropping their football programs.  The same goes for the growing trend of parents discouraging their sons from playing this dangerous sport.

Boiled down to its essence, this issue is one of violence — and science. We’ve learned in recent years that playing football runs the risk, if not the likelihood, of sustaining brain damage. Serious injuries involving limbs and such are commonplace, of course, but the focus in recent years is on the scrambling of the players’ brains.

But there’s no easy way to meet the challenge on this issue. You can’t turn the sport as it’s long been played in the Big Time into a modern version of touch football. Alright, maybe you could, but it wouldn’t be very popular. The inescapable fact of the matter is that football involves a lot bumping of heads. They’ve changed the rules in recent years in an effort to minimize head injuries, but the problem persists.

The lords of football might someday find a new technology in the manufacture of players’ helmets that significantly reduces serious head injuries. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

Meanwhile, the sport will continue to struggle with other issues that have somehow alienated — or bored — some of its erstwhile fans. But it won’t be easy. Football is over-exposed and over-hyped. And it’s so awash in money that it runs the risk of losing touch with fans of the lunch-bucket variety.





  1. Steverino

    The numbers are dwindling with many parents choosing not to let their children play football and it makes sense when you consider the risks.

  2. No Lebron, Trump isn’t using sports to divide us, you and the other sports activists are, Lebron. And as usual, blaming it on white people, so the blacktavist and liberals who enable such misguided behaviors can blame all the ills in the Black community on white people.

    When are the blacktavist going to decry and give as much attention to the extreme murder rates coming out of the black neighborhoods and killing way more black people than cops or white people? So many more black people being murdered that the FBI stats show black on black crime way outnumbers statistics on other racial based statistics for the same crimes. Can’t blame that on white people or Trump, although that seems to be the plan.

    Let me tell you something, most of society and most people of all colors, creeds and beliefs, are sick of all the violence coming from the black neighborhoods and blaming everybody else for the failures of people who choose to pick up a gun and shoot people as a sign of power.

    Trump is calling out BS and the only comeback from those who it hits homes with is to call him a white supremacist or racist… More BS is all that is.


    • One more comnent while I’m at it, to LeBron and all the other pro sports figures taking to the knee, if you’re the symbol of oppression, where can I sign up? Id love to make millions and I can tell you I wouldn’t resent the very people paying me that money either.

    • “Let me tell you something, most of society and most people of all colors, creeds and beliefs, are sick of all the violence coming from the black neighborhoods and blaming everybody else for the failures of people who choose to pick up a gun and shoot people as a sign of power.”

      I think the victim’s comment about pettiness proves my point. This happens across the country and 99% of the time, the perps have the same description. That is if the liberal media is honest.


  3. Astalavista NFL mgmt and players, You blew it. You destroyed your gravy train. Oh well, all you’ve done is provide the incentive to elevate soccer to a new level of attraction.

    In the mean time you will lose advertisers and sponsors, not to mention viewers. You want to sink the dagger in deeper for the final blow? Politicize the Super Bowl. It will most likely be the last one. Maybe you can get Madonna or Kathy Griffin to be the main act for the final nail in the coffin of progessional football.

    What bit of Americana will the leftist destroy next?

  4. Steverino

    Trump should take a knee……………..to the groin.

  5. Robert: Your racism is showing again. Let me repeat my previous warning that you’ll be banned from this blog if you push the race stuff too far. Oh, and don’t bother arguing with me about this.

  6. I think Patrick has joined the Antifas. The anti first amendment thugs. You can label me all the names you want Patrick, because you dont know how to challenge my observations and opinions except with threats to silence me.

    The typical leftist response, call everything they find difficult to discuss or deny, racist. And then walk away like a strutting rooster whose morally superior, but only in their own mind. I bet on a national level, my opinions would garner more support than your invectives meant to shut up those who oppose you.

  7. Shouldn’t the question be, Is Rockford Doomed?
    Hot off the press,

    Crime in America 2017: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities Under 200,000

    “Rockford, Illinois, is the most dangerous city in the U.S. with a population between 100,000-200,000 people, displacing Little Rock, Arkansas, which now ranks as #2.”

    Must be all those white supremacists and all that white privilege I read and hear about destroying the civility of the USA, and in particular, Rockford IL… oh my…


    • I’m so excited and happy that at least one liberal media outlet has chosen to broach the subject of Black on Black violence, and how destructive it is to neighborhoods and whole communities.

      Just today, on the Huffington Post, I saw two articles dealing with the out of control murders and violence happening in the Black neighborhoods across our nation. The first one dealt with a young activist who has taken it upon himself to mediate issues between rival gangs and act as a rep between the community and the city. His name is Jedidiah Brown. This article dealt with the pain and anguish of those who must deal with the aftermath and ongoing distress, that gang violence is causing many in the Black community in Chicago, not to mention all the other residents in the surrounding areas. It was a front page cover story and something I’ve not really seen before, with as much depth as these stories have. It was an actual entry into a discussion about Black on Black violence.

      The second was a story on The Huffington Post about the same topic and how tired the residents of these neighborhoods are of the ongoing violence and misery gang activity has caused. This time the city in question was Birmingham, AL. The title of this article says it all. Here’s the titles of that article:

      “Let’s Stop Talking About Violence And Start Doing Something, Birmingham Residents Say
      “We’ve all got to come together … The violence is out of control in my city and I hate it. I hate it so much.”

      Ive said often, that the residents of these neighborhoods are so tired of the violence but there’s no pressure from the national media and our elected reps to do something about it. It’s been a subject that most liberal news outlets refused to acknowledge at a national level, let alone comment on other than to bring the conversation back to the police and their perceived overreach, as it relates to the Black community.


      Im a political junkie and have to say, this is the first time I’ve seen The HuffPo cross into this territory. It’s about time and I applaud their endeavor into what is much of what is behind the perceived and sometimes real police violence, that some believe is behind the current kneeling controversy in the NFL.

      I’ve always said I could support the Black Lives Matter movement if it was just as vocal, if not more, about the deaths of young Black people due to Black on Black gang violence. BLM may begin to make that as much a focus now, as they have the police angle to their mission. They really are connected. Let’s see if this is a one time thing and then back to demonizing the police, or if a legitimate conversation about Black gang violence and its role in the current American political agenda, becomes a national conversation.

      I only placed one link to an article because this blog only allows one link per post without going into the review process.

  8. The term Blacktavist is now being linked to Russia…. give me a break… Michael Barry, radio talk show host, and many other Americans have used it… Russia Russia Russia.. unbelievable The left is crazy…

    You want some reason in your life, read Glenn Greenwald…


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