Dubya redeems himself

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Though never a fan of George W. Bush, I hereby join the chorus of praise of the former president for his landmark speech yesterday in which he lambasted Donald Trump without ever mentioning him by name.

Dubya’s remarks amounted to a worthy summation of true Americanism and a warning against the bully-boy brand of politics practiced by Trump. He condemned the excessive nationalism touted by the current occupant of the White House, arguing that it alienates America from many of its democratic friends around the world.

Bush also spoke out against racial and ethnic bigotry, which seems far more common among so many of Trump’s fondest admirers.

All in all, the speech amounted to what one veteran pundit called Bush’s “finest hour.”

Of course, this worthy oratory on Bush’s part is not  likely to change history’s generally negative judgment of his presidency. But it won’t hurt.

You probably have heard that Barack Obama also spoke out yesterday against Trumpism, and effectively so.  But Bush’s speech, coming from our most recent Republican president, likely had greater and more lasting impact.

Again, I’ve never been a great admirer of Dubya, but I’m suddenly reminded of the old saying that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

By that standard, George W. Bush is now my friend.












  1. “By that standard, George W. Bush is now my friend.”

    That says all we need to know about Patrick.

    Does anybody really think GWB wrote that speech? He stumbled over words that were more than one syllable and slurred the rest. His sore loser brother Jeb probably did. His brother who couldn’t even win a match against a newcomer, Trump.

    GWB and Cheney got us into this mess of unending wars for unending profits and this Orwellian future that is now our reality. Neither of these two deserve praise, none.

    GWB and Cheney and their hit man, Karl Rove, divided this country and set the stage for where we are today. It was that administration that attacked a country, Iraq, that had nothing to do with 911 and began the destabilization of the entire middle east and Europe, as migrants fleeing the violence seek refuge. It was that administration that attacked gay and lesbian people continually by throwing red meat out towards their conservative base to ensure they’d vote. Those years for lesbian and gay people were filled with angst and anti-gay/lesbian hatred was ramped up for purely political purposes.

    As far as bullies go, Patrick, you’re the top bully in this venue. As far as bigotry goes, the left are the biggest bigots out there as they believe their views are the only ones to be given credibility, as they go home to their neighborhoods that look more like them than the people of color they claim to care so much about. Phonies is all liberals are, nothing but damn phonies.

    How’s all that liberal love going for you Rockfordians? How does it feel living in a city filled with gangs and people shooting at each other while driving down city streets at accelerated speeds? How does it feel to be in your living rooms and rooms in the front of your house, knowing that a bullet could come through a window or wall? How does it feel? Don’t forget, just last week a bullet hit the home next to a family member and the shootings have been doing nothing but gaining momentum. There’s a reason why Rockford makes the top 10 most violent cities in America.

    I’ll tell you something Patrick, you don’t have your pulse on the soul of this country, I do. People are tired of the violence and the liberals who enable these lawless people who are destroying inner cities with their daily shootings, that by the way hit a school bus this past week in Rockford. When you going to have the courage to call out these domestic terrorists destroying the very city you reside in? What’s it feel like driving in a town when you don’t have to have just plain old common courtesies that normal citizens exhibit, but be on the look out for speeding cars shooting at each other and running stop signs in the course of their murderous ways? What’s it like Patrick? Put that into words so civil people can see who stands with them and who stands with the gangs?

  2. This woman is being used by Frederica Wilson and the liberal new outlets and being shoved into further despair by Wilson and the fake news left wing media. Just like we saw all these alleged victims employ the pile-on effect against Weinstein, we’re seeing a Gold Star member used for political gain. Shameful, absolutely shameful.

  3. What we’re observing in our country is the pile-on effect and it won’t just be pointed towards the powerful, it will become witch hunts at the street level too. This is where the liberal media is taking our country. “You did this, you said that, I never liked you, you rejected me, you dis-respected me…I’m gonna get my revenge (and maybe some cash too)” is the new paradigm we’re moving into and it will be global.

    Be careful how you respond to my comment above, it may become my case and point.


  4. Steverino

    Get real Robert, Trump and Kelly bungled this beyond repair. They need to man up and apologize to this grieving widow.

  5. Frederica Wilson is nothing but another grandstanding political whore.

    The title of this article says its all about this elected rep, whose a known Trump hater, “if you have to google it, its not a racial slur.”

    Im so sick of the race card being played. Everything is now either racist, fascist, or Nazi… not to mention the latest thing I’ve been called on another board, a Christo-fascist…

    Those who know me (not flakes in green vans who claim to know everybody-an inside dig), know I’m not the religious type and have been critical of all organized religions, but it seems when you challenge a leftists and they have no way to defend the hypocrisy that’s been called out, they call you names to avoid defending what they obviously can’t.

    The left has become everything they hate about the right.


  6. Steverino

    The only race card is the one in your back pocket which you pull out with every comment.

  7. Good thing we’re not married, because you’d be best friends with the couch and your favored appendage.

  8. Steverino

    Off meds again?

  9. Steverino, I think Trump is a very flawed individual and he’s not really presidential material, but he does serve a purpose. He’s bringing to vision just how corrupt our system has become. If he were a great CEO, he would have had a plan in mind to replace Obamacare. He didn’t. He was bluffing and that disgusted me.

    Im not so much in support of Trump as I am in calling out both sides are equally into the BS game.

    You and the others can be all the levels of angry you are, its not going to change anything. There’s a network – deep state, whatever anybody wants to call it, that sucks the blood/money out of our country for the benefit of a few, Trump is one of those few and so I Hillary and so are the Bush’s. Republicans are just as disingenuous as the Democrats are. Both parties suck. Both are deeply flawed, just like Trump.

    In my view, the future was written regardless of who won. Our elected reps sold we the people out beginning with Bill Clinton’s presidency and probably before that with the first Bush presidency. Our country is being sold off to the highest bidder. The global elite have chosen China as the new shining star. I think the right see’s that more than left.

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