Trump responds to Texas tragedy with double-talk



Boldly and insensitively, President Trump said today that the shooting spree on Sunday morning that killed at least 26 people at a small-town church in Texas was not “a guns situation.”

Rather, it was a “mental health problem,” he said.

Trump made the remarks at a news conference in Tokyo, the first major stop on his current tour of Asia. It was all double-talk.

The Donald was a gun-control advocate himself until he sought the National Rifle Association’s endorsement in his campaign for president last year. The strategy seems to have been crucial in his defeat of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the November election. She got nearly 3 million more votes than he did in the popular tally, but he won the contest in the Electoral College — mainly, it might be  argued, by dint of support from NRA members and other such wackos.

So now, he acts as if he invented and expanded Second Amendment rights all by himself. This makes it all the more surprising that he would mention mental health issues in  connection with the Texas massacre. You see, soon after his inauguration last winter, Trump signed a bill reversing a regulation established by Barack Obama that would have made it more difficult for Americans with mental illnesses to buy guns.

In political terms, Trump’s gesture in this regard probably only helped him. Most Americans supported the Obama regulation, but most gun nuts did not.  If the president had bucked the NRA on this issue, his right-wing political base would have shrunk to meaninglessness.

This is all part and parcel of Donald Trump’s incessant reinvention of himself as a political figure. He used to be a liberal, but now he’s not. Most Americans aren’t buying his changes on policies, but he’s the president — for now anyway.

Of course, I still expect that he won’t serve out the full term to which he was elected. I figure he’ll be impeached or forced to resign.

That’ll be fun, won’t it?






  1. Apparently the Air Force failed to notify the database keepers of the Texas shooters domestic violence history. Now we can expect some kind of legal action for that failure.

    PS-different topic, what’s going on in Saudi Arabia? Sounds like that region is about to be lit up. Sounds like the Saudis are about to modernize in terms of their religious values. About time!

  2. Steverino

    The NRA aka the National Republican Association maintains a sharp eye on all candidates running for office as well as the incumbents. It’s an organization that prides themselves on who gets in and who doesn’t forcing aspiring candidates from both parties to conveniently misinterpret the Second Amendment.

  3. “Trump signed a bill reversing a regulation…that would have made it more difficult for ‘Americans’ with mental illnesses to buy guns.”

    Pat spelled “Social Security Recipients” wrong.

    Just like every liberal media outlet, Pat chooses to not really be clear or honest about the gun ownership rule that Trump reversed. The rule would have prevented Social Security recipients with mental disabilities that prevent them from working and those who need help in managing their SSA benefits from owning guns. This would have been done automatically, with no due process. Trump’s reversal simply meant that bureaucrats within the SSA cannot strip citizens of a constitutional right. Trumps reversal does not allow people who have been properly adjudicated by a court of law as mentally ill or unstable to buy a gun. But Pat and his ilk will try to make you think that it does.

    This reversal was supported by numerous national mental health groups. Even the ACLU supported the reversal stating “We oppose this rule because it advances and reinforces the harmful stereotype that people with mental disabilities, a vast and diverse group of citizens, are violent.” Pat instead seems very comfortable painting all of the mentally ill with one brush.

    I’d love to know where Pat gets the notion that most Americans supported this regulation. I doubt that most Americans even understood the regulation. I’ll bet Pat is simply referencing polls where the large majority agree generically with restricting people with mental illness from buying guns, not the SSA regulation itself. Who wouldn’t agree with that conceptually and also as a matter of law? But it is simply not for the SSA to decide.

    Surely Pat knows all this. But it would blow his narrative to be honest about it.

  4. “I’d love to know where Pat gets the notion that most Americans supported this regulation.”

    I’d love to know just who is being polled to get many of these polls we read. They claim Trump’s numbers are the lowest of any president at this time in their presidency, but I doubt that more than maybe .5% of the people who voted for him might provide a polling result that supports what we’re being told about Trump’s popularity or lack of it.

  5. Steverino

    Tuesday’s election results might give you some indication of Trump’s popularity.

    • Like during Obama’s presidency when how many elected offices flipped to Republican. Remind us while you’re gloating over yesterday’s “doesn’t mean nothing” vote … 🙂

  6. Elections results in Blue states that voted for Hillary?
    I think we already knew his popularity there.
    The government fails again to protect it citizens.

  7. Steverino

    Actually it was a Trump referendum and he got his butt kicked by women of all shapes, sizes and color.

    • Right. Democrats won in New Jersey because of Trump and it had nothing to do with the unpopularity of Chris Christie and his chosen puppet.

      In Virginia, Trump lost last year with 44.1% of the vote. Yesterday Gillespie got 45% of the vote. In other words, nothing has changed. Because of the massive number of government workers, Virginia is a blue state. It has nothing to do with Trump.

  8. Looking at a good portion of the top stories over on the DailyMailUK, sure looks like the Hollywood crowd, who are a big affiliate of the Democratic Party, as well as Donna Brazile’s bombs about the DNC under Hillary’s guidance, sure is creating a toxic view of liberal politics.

    And I thought you all were suppose to be the morally superior party. Yeah, right.

    By the way, the pile on phenomenon over sexual misconduct and abuse, just keeps getting bigger. Even going after Rev. Jackson and Charlie Sheen now has his own scandal to deal with, even though his supposed victim is dead and the accusation is coming from a friend of the dead victim, decades later. This is how witch hunts metastasize into vicious attack on all of society.

    Also saw another story about some mother of an 18 year old that Spacey supposedly fondled last summer. Amazing how she just comes out with it now, as its politically safe for her to do it. How could it be such an affront to her son, if she waited this long? Who and what was she more concerned with?

    Michael Barry is talking about how this pile on phenomenon is going to affect all of us as people make stuff out because they jealous or angry or vengeful or just want to cause trouble for someone they don’t like.

    Who’s going to want to hire any of these professional victims (both male and female) knowing the trouble they will be as every little common action, in any environment, could be turned into a weapon to destroy the organization or a particular person?

    What we are witnessing is a society in decline, as people attack others they think have more than they should.

    • Paragraph rewrite – Michael Barry is talking about how this pile on phenomenon is going to affect all of us as people make stuff up, because they’re jealous or angry or vengeful or just want to cause trouble for someone they don’t like.

  9. Steverino

    The down ballot elections reflected a democratic trend which was also a result of Trump’s toxicity supported by his enablers. He has the inverse Midas touch yet many like Paul (Lyan) Ryan think it’s part of a presidential learning process that will eventually lead to peace and prosperity. I’ll believe that when GOP townhall meetings (when they have them) are showered with flowers and candy.

    • Here’s an article which talks about details in the New Jersey reason, it does somewhat backup your claim about Trump.

      I tend think the following had a much greater impact

      1. The Democratic candidate spent millions of his own money. He outspent his opponent by 3 to 1.
      2. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by 2 to 1
      3. The Democratic candidate favored marijuana legalization, while the Republican candidate stupidly did not, even though 58% of people in New Jersey want it legalized.


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