Here’s one reason why TV newscasts are so depressing

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It pains me to admit this, but I’m beginning to sympathize with people who say they don’t watch the news on TV, mainly because it’s too depressing. But it’s the commercials, not the news, that are most disturbing to me.

As a senior citizen, I’m more likely than younger people to watch the nightly early-evening newscasts on ABC, CBS or NBC. That’s the way it is in the TV news business. We older folks comprise a pretty big share of the viewing audience for the regularly-scheduled suppertime news shows on the major networks. Accordingly, many of the advertisers on these programs are peddling products targeted to the geezer crowd.

And therein lies the problem.

A large percentage of the advertisers on these news shows are hawking pills and elixers and other stuff intended to make people in general — and old folks in particular — somehow feel better. For me, the effect is quite the opposite.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that these medicines don’t work. Frankly, I don’t know if they’re effective or not. I don’t use them.  The potential side effects, which the manufacturers reliably mention in their commercials, have scared me off.

If you watch and listen closely to these commercials, you’ll notice that they usually mention various potential negative effects, none of which sounds like a lot of fun. Even the dreaded D-word — death — is often on the list. I’ve actually seen commercials that spend more time talking about the bad things that can happen when you take the advertised medicine than about the supposedly positive results.

I suppose that the drug companies are only trying to cover their butts with these ad spots that mention the potential downsides to using their products. Their lawyers perhaps have told them that lawsuits can be more easily overcome if the company can point to TV spots that mention possible side effects.

In the end, however, the situation is not a good one: Older people pay more attention to the news, which makes them more likely to be scared half to death by the warnings of ill effects of the drugs touted in commercials specifically targeted to us senior citizens.






  1. Steverino

    The whole pharmaceutical industry needs a good dose of Serutan.

  2. Here’s a reason why radio and news broadcast, especially those coming from the anti-Trump propagandist, are so depressing…because they’re nothing but troublemakers in place to keep the people divided and under informed.

    Yesterday I read how Apple has reached out to the FBI to help get into the TX shooters phone, but all I hear on the radio news and liberal commentators is how unhelpful Apple has been according to the FBI.

    This story is coming from FOX News.

    “Apple refutes FBI, says it reached out to help unlock Texas church shooter’s phone”

    …It continued: “We work with law enforcement every day. We offer training to thousands of agents so they understand our devices and how they can quickly request information from Apple.”…

    Not once on the news reports have I heard Apple’s side of this story be presented…Only reports claiming Apple has been unhelpful in getting into suspect’s phones is what the blatantly liberal news is reporting. How anybody can defend that kind of biased reporting shows how sick people are who only want to hear what confirms their bias and truth be damned.

    The more I watch and listen to liberals, the more I realize their only goal is get back the presidency…. truth be damned…


    • PS- I listen to both sides and everything inbetween for my perspectives. I have to say though, Jimmy Carter was right. The majority of news is against Trump.

  3. While we’re talking about newscasts and how they’re used to destroy people, especially males in positions of power, let me remind you that woman are just as big of horndogs as men are.

    “I remember playing Elvis on Broadway and then afterwards, at the stage door, women like, fully putting their hands down my pants,” Jackson said. “And grabbing my leg and grabbing my butt. It’s like, ‘Because you’re playing Elvis I’m allowed to touch you and grab you however I want.’”

    And let me remind all these professional male and female victims, who’s going to want to hire you, fully well knowing now how you jumped onto the professional victim bus? Why would any employer, producer, whatever, want to hire someone whose shown themselves to be part of the pile on effect. Why would any employer want to assume the blatant liability that hiring someone who made claims and sought public validation for it, months, years and decades, later?

    If what happened to you was so oppressive, so humiliating, why didn’t you make the claims when it happened? You’ve shown youre just as disingenuous as the politicians we vote for who suddenly become for some thing, like gay marriage, when its politically ok to do it… how phony is that?


  4. Here’s a newscast I’ve not heard much attention given to,

    Apparently the military is having a hard time getting new recruits. Theyre going to allow some with mental illness in now.

    On a different but similar note, I’ve heard the FBI had to stop using the past use of marijuana as a disqualifier for service in that agency. Was too hard to recruit new agents as so many young people have smoked it.

    This isnt our parents military and FBI anymore.

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