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In no particular order of importance:

The recent rash of sex scandals in show business and politics (Harvey Weinstein, Judge Roy Moore, Louis C.K, to cite a few examples) lends itself to widespread misinterpretation, it seems to me.

I don’t think these stories are proof that sexual misconduct is a lot more rampant these days. There was plenty of that kind of stuff 50 years ago, when I was in my 20s. But women in those days weren’t as likely to make a fuss about it, especially in cases where the aggressor was a prominent personage or someone in a position of authority.

Besides, the 1960s were known even then as the time of the Sex Revolution. That was when the birth-control pill emerged and suddenly changed everything.

No, what we have with this current flurry of sex scandals, good people, is the rise of feminism. Women are less likely to be taken for granted — or used, as it were — when it comes to sexual matters.

Hooray for that.

On several occasions in recent days, I’ve heard newscasters on local television mistakenly refer to flags in Rockford flying at “half-mast.”

Well, there might have been such sights on the Rock River, but not on flagpoles sunk in the ground.

Flags on boats and ships are flown at half-mast. Flags on land are flown at half-staff.

It’s also a good idea to check the U.S. Flag Code of Etiquette before running Old Glory up the pole. It’s full of stuff that is commonly ignored even by well-meaning folks when they fly the flag. But the U.S. Supreme Court has voided most of the laws against flag-desecration, so there’s no great risk of getting busted if you violate one of the so-called rules.

We’re almost a couple of weeks into November already, and I haven’t seen any indications yet that this year’s rash of  alarmism over the so-called War on Christmas is at hand.

Frankly, I’m getting a little worried.

In past years, the cultural offensive against the War on Christmas was led by right-wing blatherer Bill O’Reilly on Fox News Channel. But Billo got cashiered at Fox earlier this year for some offense or another. I don’t remember the details, but I think sex somehow was involved.

Anyway, who’s going to take O’Reilly’s place in fighting back against the heathens who use such godless greetings as “Happy Holidays”?

I’m sure that the bean-counters at Fox are well aware that the War on Christmas can’t just be abandoned. There’s still a big audience for this kind of thing among the geezers who comprise the lion’s share of FNC’s viewing audience

Anyway, Happy Holidays, everyone!




  1. Here’s another female horndog that challenges the liberal, professional victim narratives on the male power strutures destroying the lives of woman.

    As I keep saying, woman can be just as big of horndogs as men.

    This witch hunt currently impacting the Hollywood crowd, isnt about male supremacy, it’s another form of fame seeking based on a revenge theme.

    Social media is destroying our civilization.


    • Right now the current outrage du jour is the growing sexual harassment scandals in Hollywood. New celebrity victims come out every day. The pile on effect is in full speed.

      I’m predicting at some point, another outrage du jour will be these bloated government retirement incomes many are getting. Some are equal to or greater than their annual salaries when they were working.

      The Salem Witch Hunt phenomenon will only grow and everybody will become someones target. The more wealth you have the bigger target you will be. The loss of civility will be overwhelming.

      I suggest you all watch the movie “Three Sovereigns for Sarah”. Its a recreation of the events that lead up to the Salem Witch Trials. We’re seeing the same thing happen now in our nation. Only being accused of witchery has been replaced with revenge for past offenses that may not have even have been an offense at the time, coupled with the I want my 15 minutes of fame or infamy that social media has created.

      I fear we will see events take place in our country as happened in the Bosnia Hetzegovina conflict. I fear the United States will be sold off and broken up as the globalist sell off whole regions to our debt holders. In the globalist view, that the leftist support, borders and national identities will no longer matter as much.

      Everything about living will become a transaction. Its all part of the everything is being monetized direction our economic model is becoming. It coincides with climate changes and the coming water shortages.

      Just as those reality series in the late 90s introduced us to a future where our whole lives are chronicled by big brother aka, Apple, Google, facebook and the NSA, those futuristic dystopian movies introduced us to the next place society is heading. Better hope the economy and the stock market stay afloat. Ive told you the future is creepy. Remember a time when things felt more right than wrong? Now think about today when things feel more wrong than right.

      Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger and I hope I’m wrong but probably not.

      To lighten things up, heard a great recipe for potato soup:

      Chop up 1lb of lean bacon and fry it in a soup pan

      When the bacon is about half way cooked, chop up a medium sized onion and cook it with bacon till it begins to brown.

      Cut up about 2-3#s of potatoes into thumb top size pieces skin and all and throw into the bacon and onion mixture.

      Add water to just barely cover the potatoes. Simmer till the potaotes begin to break down. Lightly mash if you need to and add a liitle more water if you need to but not much as you’re going to add a can of evaporated milk to get that creamy texture before you serve it. Tighten the flavor with salt and pepper to your taste. Enjoy.

  2. I for one am grateful to have Pat as the final arbiter of what there is and isn’t a “war on”. In case you haven’t followed him closely, according to Pat, there is a “war on”:

    The NFL (by Trump)
    Child-Labor Laws
    Food Stamps

    But according to Pat, there is NOT a war on:

    The Vatican
    The Catholic Church
    The Supreme Court
    The U.S. Constitution
    Jobs and Growth

    So, there is a war on the issues that are near and dear to Pat’s horribly misguided liberal sensibilities, but not a war against the issues that conservatives care about. Amazing how that works…

  3. The leftist want the American people to believe they were hoodwinked into voting against Hillary by a few million dollars in supposed ads presented by Russian trolls.

    As one of the comments noted, Hillary spent over a $billion dollars in her campaign to win the presidency, the Russian a few $million at most.

    The last enemy we need right now is Russia and China. Trump is right, Russia makes a better friend than an enemy… I fear where the Military Industrial Complex is taking us. The CIA is also complicit in this anti-Russian theme. Trump was quick to backtrack his attempt to smooth over relations with Putin. He was probably reminded of past CIA takedowns of world leaders.

    By the way, that supposed Russian ad with Obama saying “We don’t negotiate with terrorist” and then followed with “we finance them” is true… It’s all been proven. For Christ sake, we funded OBL before he turned against us and let’s not forget Saddam Hussein was our friend before he was our enemy. And its appearing more and more that we have funded ISIS when they were fighting enemies that the USA and ISIS both shared. War is that corrupt of business model.

    These wars are bankrupting the USA. China and Russia are waiting for the final plunge and we’re all powerless to change that course.


  4. Steverino

    It’s disconcerting that the state of Alabama will send a pedophile to Washington over a hero of civil rights.

  5. Robert: No more recipes, please. You won’t be warned again.

    • I thought it was an appropriate and humorous way to lighten up a heavy conversation. You lefties have no sense of humor. You crack me up.

  6. I just come here for Robert’s recipes.

  7. If Black Lives Matter really cared about the lives of black people, theyd be marching in this neighborhoood condemning these senseless killings in Tampa, Florida and around the nation where gang violence destroys families, neoghborhoods and the quality of life for all who live there.


  8. Like I said, the future is creep. The digital pill…tracking our medical history…yeah, what else is this pill doing? This is coming at a time when many people don’t trust our govt and it’s motives. Why should we. We’re lied to all the time.

  9. Honestly, everyday some new victim of sexual harassment and perceived abuse and a new male victimizer is named. It’s all part of the professional victim class and snowflake complex.

    What’s the next national claim to being a victim going to be, constipation?

    Social media outlets are acting as conscriptors into the “I demand my 15 minutes of fame even if Im a famous person to begin with” complex sweeping our nation. Are we becoming a nation of narcissistic psychos?

    Social media and blatantly biased journalism is destroying our society.

  10. My sympathy goes to these teachers who must deal with all the violence going on in public schools these days. This should be the next big secret the media exposes… I’d like to see some stats and demographic breakdowns on who the biggest offenders are, like the FBI provides on crime stats.


  11. I know Zero Hedge, as a source of news, has its detractors, but I’ve rarely seen articles on it that weren’t based in current and verifiable newsworthy events. Same goes for DailyMailUK.

    The traditional USA MSM, only promotes the bias of the far left against the right and center. The WAPO and NYT are amongst the worst offenders. They use to be a reasonable voice, but decided to follow the FOX News model, only on steroids. These days, FOX News provides at least a counter to the blatant biased distortions of a media that is now mostly comprised of far left political hacks posing as journalist.

    Glenn Greenwald is amongs the few real investigative journalist these days, but he can only do so much to provide balance, to what are nothing but propagandist organizations posing as MSM outlets with poltical party biases.

    From the beginning, it was obvious the Mueller appointment as special council to investigate the phony Russian collusion narrative, was biased against Trump. Just like Ken Starr’s role was in the take down of Bill Clinton. Only thing is, the new media technologies that provide multiple information outlets, has made it easier to prove the bias and political opposition’s agendas.

    I particularly found the following “comment section” opinion the sad truth about what big money, the politicians who take succor from it, and the media that enables their deception, has done to our nation. And what further disgust me is how the leftist on this board and everywhere, fail to call out their own side and the role they played in getting us to where we are. They still pose as the better choice, when they’re equally culpable. They use terms like false equivalence, to promote their phony supremacy. The left has become what they hated most about their rivals on the other side.

    ” two hoots mtl4 Dec 5, 2017 9:46 AM

    My most important takeaway from this investigation and its direction, focus and bias:

    Washington has opened the eyes of its citizens and the world. It is sullied beyond redemption; credit Obama’s focus on personal ideals and ignoring, through ineptness, the misused and overall unsupervised government to become disorganized, dysfunctional, then used and corrupted by outsiders and now beyond control. They all now have their safe zones where they can do and say as they please without any repercussions from any authority, even Congress and the White House, think biased CIA/FBI employees as a start, then IRS, Justice on and on. It gets worse from there. It is shameful that Congress, with a mission to overwatch, assisted in the deterioration of our nation. What do we do now? ”


  12. Steverino

    What do we do? Let Mueller put the Trump crime family in prison. Let’s make America normal again.

  13. What do we do is asked? First off, stop blaming Trump for all the ills in our country.

    Pay attention to the other side and listen to their counter arguments to everything the dominant liberal media is creating, not reporting. Like the right did when they presented the argument for war on Iraq. Neither side is honorable these days. That’s a starter.

  14. Sounds like there was obstruction going on in the FBI, why not lock everyone in DC up.

  15. You filthy rotten liberals! Obama and GWB are both on record and tape saying the very same thing Trump did. Where was the outrage? You phonies on the left. You filthy rotten phonies. Defend yourselves or admit that the left and many of their enablers around the world, have no integrity. It’s hate Trump all day, 24-7, no matter what hypocrisies are expressed. You filthy rotten phonies. Youre willing to destroy the country just because Trump played a better hand of cards than loser Hillary.


  16. Steverino

    I think it’s how Trump says it, slurring his words as a result of a dry mouth. Cocaine will do that to a person.

  17. Here’s a video of three former presidents all saying they were going to do what Trump did this week. Rot in hell liberal media outlets. Who cares about the three days of violence…those nuts in the middle east have been violent for centuries. Im thankful that Trump has increased qualifications for entry into our nation. Hope that pisses you lefties off. Ive got more to piss you off with coming. By the way, that liar with the signed yearbook has just been outed. I don’t like Roy Moore either but the left and all this me too crap is going to backfire.


  18. Steverino

    Don’t hide it Robert we know you want Roy Moore to win.

  19. Steverino, you have me mixed up with Patrick, remember this title on one of his commentary’s- “If Roy Moore wins, I’m cool with it”

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