Can I be fair to Roy Moore?



The question in the headline above is one I’ve asked myself on several occasions in recent days in the wake of allegations that Roy Moore, who is now a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, had a sexual dalliance with a 14-year-old girl when he was a 32-year-old criminal prosecutor in Alabama.

My answer to that question is affirmative.

I don’t like Roy Moore, and I wouldn’t vote for him for any public office. But I don’t know for sure if he ever did what the former 14-year-old girl said he did. Actually, I don’t really need to know for sure that the allegations are true. He would be unfit for public office even if he had led the sexless life of a cloistered monk.

(By the way, I’m taking for granted that you’re familiar with the basic details of the controversy surrounding Moore’s Republican candidacy for the Senate. I won’t repeat them all here.)

The problem with Moore, as I see it, is that he’s a religious fanatic who wants everyone to emulate his own piety. He got himself kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing a higher court’s order to remove a sculpture honoring the Ten Commandments from the grounds of the courthouse. He also has declared his profound disagreement with the principle of church-state separation.

In a sense, a person as rabid as I in my political opposition to almost everything Moore stands for, can almost regret that this sex scandal, if that’s what it is, has arisen. I don’t want his impending defeat at the ballot box, if it comes to that, to be blamed on anything other than his long record of nuttiness.

By much the same token, I don’t want to hear the crazy people in Alabama who vote for Moore argue that their choice was based on the credibility — or lack of it — of the story the former 14-year-old girl has told to the Washington Post. That story is irrelevant to the question of whether he should serve in the U.S. Senate.

But then, it was never in the cards that anyone who isn’t politically retrogressive was going to represent the people of Alabama in our nation’s capitol.

It won’t matter in the final political analysis if Moore ever fooled around with a girl young enough to be his daughter.








  1. Yeah …a law breaking Judge who is a pedophile crosses the line for the vast majority of Americans in the 21st century!E

  2. Steverino

    Ol’ Roy the shopping mall predator has number 5 to worry about. Let’s hope more brave women come forward who were traumatized by this God-fearing man.

  3. Republicans who continue to defend Roy Moore are destroying their own party. This pervert has no business holding public office. Even Ted Cruz, of all people, has called him out with is statement that ‘Grown men don’t typically sign high school girls’ yearbooks’


  4. I have no use for Roy Moore, but the news coverage of him reminded me of Pat’s frequent (and ridiculous) contention that the “allegation” that the mainstream media are liberal is “preposterous on its face”.

    Nov. 9 – Nov. 13 – Coverage on ABC, CBS, NBC newscasts:

    Accusations against Roy Moore (R.) – 80 minutes

    The actual corruption trial of sitting U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D) – 2 minutes (NBC did zero)

    I’d love to spend a few minutes in Pat’s cocoon, a wonderful place where you can just pretend the world is whatever you say it is.

  5. Steverino

    Pedophilia takes precedent over bribery.

    • Oh Steve-O, you are just the unrivaled king of the Applesauce one-line responses. I’ve never seen anyone able to wipe away cogent points so succinctly and cleverly as you. No need to make a real argument about why 40x the coverage is justified. Instead, you just annihilate all comers with one more of your perfectly crafted zingers. What would we do without you? I could read your responses all day. Please give us more. Please! Just legendary…

  6. Steverino

    Yep, I’m a regular Henny Youngman.

  7. I like this guys blog. He makes some good points about Roy Moore, the sociopathology of most politicians and why even Republicans hate Moore. It’s not about morality. Look at Bill Clinton for Christ sake. It’s about people that aren’t part of the club coming in and destroying the balancing act the dems vs the repubs play for us in the audience, as though they really care about us. Both Moore and Trump are those candidates who destroy that balancing act and make the ruling class nervous that the American people might find out that the people we elect only care about themselves and the people they suck up to with the big bucks.

    I really don’t like Moore. He’s a religious nut case, but he does call out the politicians who pander to us citizens and never really change much, and when they do it still benefits their big dollar donors more, like Obamacare did for the insurance companies.


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