Regarding Trump’s pathetic begging for praise



Poor Donald Trump! The man’s lust for glory is beyond ridiculous.

Here’s the latest example:

Three basketball players from UCLA were released from custody the other day after serving a short spell in a Chinese jail on charges of shoplifting sunglasses from a department store in Hangzhou. The accused athletes are now back in America — presumably safe and sound and perhaps wiser for the unhappy experience.

Trump, who was visiting Asia when the situation arose, seems more than eager to take credit for the happy resolution of the  case. This morning, he tweeted this:

“Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!”

The athletes involved in this case are lucky that their president was in the neighborhood, so to speak, at just the right time. The accused kids owe him a debt of gratitude. But Trump’s impatient demand for praise is so graceless — and so typical of him — that I wouldn’t blame these young men if they ignore his quest for glory.

More to the point,  the kids would do well to remind everyone of the many occasions on which Trump has been accused of cheating other people. The Donald has spent a fortune on lawyers who have represented him in cases where he’s been accused of far worse things than swiping sunglasses.

Mind you, I’m not excusing the kids from UCLA for the sticky-fingered crimes with which they were charged. The school would do well to expel all three of them. Let them take their athletic skills to some lesser institution.

But we also should acknowledge that Trump’s demand for glory in this case is graceless — and so typical of him.







  1. Steverino

    Trump should be thankful that these players shoplifted expensive sunglasses because supporting their release back to the US was his only accomplishment from the 12 day Asian trip.

  2. The daily pettiness of what an asshat Trump is for the stupid things he says is really getting old. We all know what he is, and he’s not going to change. Unfortunately some people even like him for it.

    I’m more concerned with actual legislation he enacts out of spite for all things Obama. For the example re-allowing the importation of elephant heads into the United States to satisfy fellow poorly endowed trophy hunters.

  3. Donald Trump should be scorned for this action to incentivize the shooting of trophy animals, like elephants and any endangered species.

    Killing defenseless animals for sport is evil.

    Maya Angelou says, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

    Donald Trump, you do and say too many foolish things to have my respect. You’ve blown the opportunity you were given to challenge the status quo political thiefdom that has become the US Government.


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