The first time I badly underestimated Donald Trump



As a celebrated wordsmith renowned for his brilliant insights, it pains me greatly to concede that I’ve been wrong about Donald Trump’s political acumen on several occasions.

The first such misjudgment of The Donald on my part, according to my casual research, occurred in January of 2012.

It read as follows:

Donald Trump, the notorious Birther buffoon and reality TV star, is again desperately trying to attract attention amid all the media buzz over this year’s presidential race.

We haven’t heard much from The Donald in a political context since his offer to host a Republican presidential debate last month was humiliatingly declined by most of the candidates. But he apparently still thinks, for some unfathomable reason, that he has something worthy to contribute to the national political conversation.

Accordingly, Trump is once again telling anyone who will listen that he might make a run for the White House as an independent candidate if he’s dissatisfied with the eventual GOP nominee.

This is probably just another pathetic effort by Trump to be taken seriously by the political chattering classes. If he has even half a brain — which is an open question, of course — he’ll decide not to put himself through another humiliation.

But we can always hope, can’t we? It sure would be fun to see The Donald join the campaign fray this coming summer and fall. Any votes he might garner inevitably would come from the conservative side of the electorate and thereby diminish the Republican candidate’s chances. But that would be fine.

Go for it, Donald!  America needs you — if only for the laughs.