Regarding America’s trend toward social liberalism

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It may surprise you to learn that the steady increase in public approval of certain types of social liberalism in America in recent decades is not entirely a case of old conservatives dying off and being replaced by more progressive-minded young folks.

Oh, sure, generation gaps are part of the situation. That’s always been the case.  But it’s not really that simple.

I don’t have any recent poll numbers at hand to support my point, but I don’t really need any. When I wrote on this subject some years ago, I used results of a 2012 Gallup Report, which read in part as follows:

Americans are approaching unanimity in their views of marriages between blacks and whites, with 86% now approving of such unions. Americans’ views on interracial marriage have undergone a major transformation in the past five decades. When Gallup first asked about black-white marriages in 1958, 4% approved. More Americans disapproved than approved until 1983, and approval did not exceed the majority level until 1997.


Today’s older Americans, those aged 50 and older, are much more likely to approve of black-white marriage than people of the same age a generation ago; 78% today vs. 27% in 1991, a 51-point shift. At the same time, there has also been a 33-point increase among 18- to 29-year-olds (64% to 97%) and a 35-point increase among 30- to 49-year-olds (from 56% to 91%) between the two time periods.

Think about that. Public support for interracial marriage didn’t reach a majority until 1997! I have food in my fridge that’s older than that.

Certain other social issues — gay marriage and legalization of marijuana, to name just two — also have gained public support in recent years, sometimes in the wake of favorable court rulings. Gay marriage, for example, was legalized nationally by a Supreme Court decision  rather than by federal legislation. But public reaction to the high court’s ruling generally has been favorable, which would have been unthinkable not so long ago.

Meanwhile, recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in half a dozen states, and the trend is spreading. And one thing about this matter seems certain: states that have given the green light to selling and consuming weed don’t seem likely to reverse course anytime soon. It saves taxpayers money and eases pressure on the criminal justice system.

But there’s something else to consider about this increase is social liberalism among Americans in general. The Gallup organization made this point more than a decade ago:

The increase in approval of black-white marriage among all Americans… is probably more the result of changing attitudes within the population than it is changes in the composition of the population with more socially progressive younger adults replacing less progressive older ones. This is evident from examining the same age cohorts in 1991 and now. Each cohort shows 30 point or more increases in approval of black-white marriage today compared with the same group’s attitudes 20 years ago.

Be that as it may, the fact remains that most of the obituaries published in local newspapers these days mark the passing of folks who were considerably less liberal than their progeny on matters of race, sexuality and the recreational use of soft drugs.



  1. Soooooo … being a decent human being …is …liberal?
    Hummm …that explains the current GOP/Republican Party governance, practices and policies from the top down …the diametrically opposite of liberal.
    Yeah …they call it “conservative”!

  2. Oh really, so its that simple, liberal good, wonderful, honorable…. conservative bad, evil, to be scorned. Total BS

    On todays rag aka, the huffington post, the headline is PELOSI WONT SAY IF SHE BELIEVES CONYERS ACCUSERS, the when you open up the link the headine is Nancy Pelosi Wont Say if Conyers Should Resign.

    That’s all it takes these days, an accusation, an allegation and if you’re a public figure you have to decide that persons fate regardless of due process… and Im in no way standing up for Conyers as he did settle with someone for $27000… but to listen to new claims being made almost daily against men, and people being destroyed based solely on accusations, allegations made in the court of public opinion, it should be extremely disturbing to every person alive.

    This is what happened during the Salem Witch Trial era and people died because of it. Is that where we’re heading?

    I know of a person in Rockford, a Castro Street clone type, a self proclaimed intellectual type, a high game player by self proclamation type, an aging Selma Avenue hustler who lived at the YMCA type (look it up), who operates just like I noted above. Spreads vicious gossip that is based in blatant lies, half truths, and innuendo, about people who don’t view him as the superior person he sees himself as or who’ve offended his tender and fragile scrawny ego, with the intent to assassinate peoples character (a term I first heard used from that same person above, and Im fairly certain he’s posted on this blog and utilized the very style Im calling out). That’s what the left has become. Nothing but hurlers of accusations and allegations with deliberate intent to destroy people, because the left has become that vicious, and all because they can’t defend why theyre the peoples party and understand their presidential election loss was because of it.


  3. I found this by accident and found it interesting. “Do not be deceived: Leftism is an enigma. We need a theorem that explains not one or two aspects of Leftism, but all their traits.”

  4. What about Americas trend toward loony leftedness. Now Rudoplh the Red Nosed Reindeer and the characters are xenophobes, bullies, a jerk and all the other terms the leftist snowflakes have to call everything these days, that doesn’t meet their views from their sheltered lives being raised by helicopter parents (that the govt forced parents to become). No wonder so many (not all) of these newer generations are nothing but whiners. They never had to deal with adversity as a child. They always had a parent to mediate things that kids use to work out between themselves. That use to be the natural process to learn lifes quirks and inequities.

    And as a sidenote, another ones bites the dust. Matt Lauer fired… What’s this country going to look like in a year? Are all these firings and allegations, how we make space for the new robots who will become our entertainers and journalist? Much of our news is not written by humans. How creepy things are getting.


  5. Steverino

    Garrison Keillor just made the list. Good thing Mr. Rogers and Capt Kangaroo are gone.

  6. Some of these claims of sexual harrassment and abuse are legitimate, some sound like opportunities by the supposed victim to pile on for the 15 minutes of fame that social media is enabling, and I question just how harmed were they?

    If Garrison K. wasnt a celebrity, I doubt he’d be the subject of a national news story, based on what’s coming out about his supposed impropriety.

    If we’re all honest as we listen to these daily claims of abuse, harassment and blatant unwanted advances, some of these claims sound more legitimate than others.

  7. If Pelosi and Ryan are going to call for Conyers to step down, it only seems fair for the senate leaders to ask Franken to step down too. The only difference seems to be that Conyers actually settled with a plaintiff and Franken hasn’t got there yet.

    While were going through this cleansing process, why not expose all the people in congress who’ve been accused of sexual this & that and settled out of court with that slush fund that was tax payer funded. Get rid of those offenders too, right?

    Of course, notice the silence from the leftist on this board. Come on? Should Conyers be the only one asked to step down? Doesn’t that reek of racism?

  8. Steverino

    I didn’t realize how old Conyers is and for that reason alone he really needs to step down because all this negative attention is going to do him in. As for Franken it’s a different story especially coming from two “GOP” women one of whom (the Playmate) did the same thing she accused him of doing. He’s being called for inappropriate touching in front of a camera, nothing sinister behind closed doors which seems odd. The most recent photo shows him with his arm and hand on the woman’s back and unless she’s got back boobs it’s hard to accept anything that might be inappropriate but then he’s asked for an ethics investigation so go forward with it and stop the railroading.

  9. Is Patrick dead? Or did his handlers tell him to lay low? His last blog subject entry was Nov 22? Something’s not right.

  10. Robert

    Trump needs to announce the need for a Military Draft of all young male and female citizens of the USA, under the age of 31 (first call up), regardless of their parenthood status. Let’s see where the pro-war with Russia leftist liberals, Antifa’s, BLM, and the news media whores that enflames them, goes with that decree.

  11. Robert

    “FLASHBACK, October 18, 2016 | Obama to Trump: “Stop Whining,” “No Serious Person” Believes U.S. Elections Can Be Rigged Or Stolen”

    Does anybody think that maybe the above title and linked article, is why so many people don’t trust the intent of the Mueller Witch Hunt, the biased opinions of the FBI and CIA heads, the leaders on the left and the fake news that gives succor to this farce?

    If you’re a leftist, all you hear is the superficial contrived connections that Russia somehow meddled in our elections in 2016. But if you listen to some of the radio talk host on the right side of the dial, you can hear careful analysis of actual contrary events and facts, that don’t support any of the leftist propaganda that is in place to destroy Trump and his legitimacy as our duly elected POTUSA.

    I heard something very interesting yesterday. It was about how the DNC server wasn’t really hacked, it was downloaded onto a stick drive and appears to have been an inside job. hhhmmm?

    Isn’t it amazing how the FBI failed to do any sort of investigation into what is the center of this debate on Russia’s meddling into the 2016 elections; the forensic evaluation of the server that began this plan to destroy Trump and his presidency. And the left wonders why 1/2 the nation (and growing) doesn’t believe, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Mueller or the leaders of the Democratic Socialist Globalist Party (because that’s who the left is now).


    Next up, I’ll be giving my thoughts on what could possibly have caused Patrick to literally disappear. It’s all supposition though.

    • Robert

      The nuts on the left are bent out of shape believing the Russians meddled in the 2016 vote, (even Obama said it would be impossible to affect the outcome), but there are dems who are promoting that non citizens be allowed to vote in our next elections. Youre f’n nuts…youre loons.

      I hope Trump resurrects the draft. Let’s see how passionate the left is against Russia then. Maybe you can get that flake who posted here last fall (the high game player, self proclaimed intellectual(mimic), aging hustler from Selma Ave, Castro St. clone, yup that flake), to teach you how to be a conscientious objector like he was in the Viet Nam war era.

  12. The liberal Nazi like media outlets, operating as propagandist for the CIA, FBI and deep state felons, would like to coerce the American public and world stage, into believing Trump is attempting to silence his critics. In reality, he’s exposing his enemies and those responsible for the ongoing attempted coup against his presidency, and the will of the American people, as a result of the outcome of our 2016 elections.

    Kimberly Strassel (as posted in the WSJ) has written an excellent article about one particular player, Bruce Ohr, and his role in the dirty dossier. The leftist really thought Hillary was going to win and none of this treason would have been exposed by very high up employees in the FBI, CIA and probably other agencies, but nothing short of divine intervention and the truth, is bringing to light, what a small faction of dirty CIA and FBI employees tried to do to the American political system. This fall will be very interesting. I do believe there are many honest employees in the above noted agencies. It was just a very few players that has sullied those agency names.

    Im attaching a link to zerohedge, but only because the link to the actual article in the Wall Street Journal, requires a subscription to read. Bruce Ohr is just one player. There’s many players involved.

    I support the POTUSA in his decision to take away the security clearances of these players who’ve abused their power and access to that information. And as Trump as said, he hasn’t silenced them, he’s actually given more strength to their voice. The anticipated courtroom trials of these traitors, of which many believe will happen as military tribunals, much like was done at the Nuremberg Trials, will bring to light just how high up in authorization, this plan to destroy Trump was launched from.

    Here’s a comment from the reader comments section of the below linked article. I think it succinctly expresses just how corrupted our political system has become. MAGA.

    ” onewayticket2 IridiumRebel Fri, 08/17/2018 – 11:23 Permalink

    That Mueller is ignoring this OBVIOUS Clinton/Steele/Ohr/FBI etc, etc Russian collusion while prosecuting Manafort for an unrelated, 2005 financial crime (while granting IMMUNITY to Tony Podesta for the identical crime) is all the proof you need it’s a coverup, not an “investigation” into russian collusion.

    Strassel deserves a Pulitzer. But instead, CNN received an award for their comey story (after it was proven that comey leaked the documents to them….it’s not that CNN did tons of investigative work….the docs were handed to them and they published them – dutifully in exchange for an award to be given at the WH Correspondents’ dinner.)


    PS – In my opinion, the only thing that would cause Patrick’s disappearance from Applesauce, and the other usual posters both on the left, right and center, is something related to a legal mandate, intervention or threat by a 3rd party agency. What else could have made multiple people just disappear and not even inquire as to what happened to Patrick? Im open to other forensic evaluations.

    I also find it interesting the captcha box, that required a poster to enter a security code, to get their comment posted, has also disappeared. Its in place to ensure a person is not a bot. I am not a bot. Isn’t it also interesting how the desperate left is trying to turn the “walk away” movement into some Russian bot program. It’s not. Its the real thing. The left has lost their moral high ground. Many people are becoming disillusioned with the democratic party, as I did.


  13. …All rights reserved and any similarities to actual persons or situations are strictly coincidental and unintended … Copyright privileges invoked as can be applied.

    “A WAFER NAMED CARL” – a novella”

    Preamble –

    First Communion is the third Catholic sacrament; a right of passage for those entering the age of reason. It usually happens about the age of seven, when young minds are most impressionable and easily influenced.

    As he grew older he convinced himself, “those who wander are not always lost”, just misunderstood. He was the second coming, the chosen one, but only in his mind. That’s the power of self delusion, religion and a birthday on Christmas Eve.

    The man with the Christ Complex, who dresses like a Castro Street clone. You’ll know this one by his incessant need to hug almost everybody he meets and the characteristic mustache.

    In the first week I met him, he used some terms I’d never heard before. There were three of them, 1- pathological liar, 2-character assassination, 3-high game player. He was letting me know who he was and how he operates, although I didn’t realize that at the time. You see, I was quite young, impressionable, and fresh from a once flourishing Midwest manufacturing town. Big city common street hustler types were new to me.

    Time has a way of enlightening youthful inexperience, though.

    My biggest mistake: To not view him as the savior he believes himself to be.

    The most valuable life lesson I learned: Who not to become like, but irony is always part of a good story.

    A man who see’s himself as both Jesus and Judas in one, has some real issues. He even had his own contemporary version of Mary Magdelene, a registered sex offender boyfriend.


    Over a year later, the mystery still eludes a reasonable explanation.

    Banan Gilday’s last printed commentary and sudden unexplained departure, passed with little curiosity. It was posted on the anniversary date of JFK’s assassination. I don’t claim to know Banan well, but I think it’s safe to say, he held a special fondness for the Kennedy’s. I do too. Did he know that would be his last commentary, or was his blog’s ending a surprise to him as well? Political junkies don’t just vanish with no explanation, especially one who boasted about having the most patronized politically liberal blog in the local newspaper.

    How odd that Banan suddenly disappeared and nobody, except me, made comment. You’d think that his loyal supporters, who are also liberals like him, would have at least been curious and inquired on his blog, “Where’s Banan? What happened to him…”? Hell, you’d think even the numerous opponents of his political beliefs, would have inquired too, for that matter.

    It’s also odd that Banan made threats to ban me because I used the f… word in one of my comments, but at least twice after that, another (unknown as a regular) poster used the same word in full form, and nothing was ever mentioned, and their post’s allowed to stand. I’m not calling unfair, because if he was really in control of his blog at those times, I’m sure he would have done the same to them. I’d like to believe Banan is fair minded in that way.

    Something’s not right. Something changed. Someone like Banan, wouldn’t just disappear, without even a final commentary, or even a concession if I had my way, …but none the less, what happened to him?

    I must say at this point, I have my suspicions the flake with the Christ Complex, the modern day Jesus wannabe with overriding Judas tendencies, the guy who has to hug just about everybody he meets, may have had something to do with Banan’s decision to disappear, either directly or through his contacts at the local newspaper. After all, I did call that flake out on Banan’s blog, when he tried to do what he does best; float vicious rumors, lies, innuendos and half truths, to destroy those who fail to see him as he see’s himself.

    Before I proceed, let’s establish how a Christ Complex can be defined. A Christ Complex (also known as a Savior Complex) is a frame of mind in which an individual has a belief or self deluded identity, that they are destined to become a savior… This form of delusional belief is often times reported in patients suffering from bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia. This same complex can also be observed in many modern day, as well as historical, political leaders.

    So, back to the original quandary, what happened to Banan?

    I have to wonder if he actually ceded control of his blog to another entity, as I’ve always maintained he probably had handlers who minimally gave him boundaries. That’s not unusual in the field of opinion columnist. But, something changed in the several months before his last post. He also couldn’t explain why his blog was relegated to a 3rd party service year’s earlier. He would just say, it was out of his control. You’d think an explanation would have been easy to provide, let alone explain why he just disappeared …if he was allowed to, that is.

    I did hear he acknowledged he stopped blogging on another website, but gave no reason. How odd that he didn’t tell his readers on his actual blog website.

    What could have happened that he would just disappear? He’s not one to back down with those who opposed his political viewpoints. What caused him to just leave, with no explanation? What caused all the other posters, to not even be curious about his absence? I have my suspicions. In my jaded opinion, I’ll say it again, the only thing that would cause Banan’s disappearance and the other usual posters, is something related to a legal mandate or intervention and/or the ranting of a big city street hustler, the Christ wannabe. What else could have made multiple people just disappear, as if they clandestinely colluded? In my mind, a normal person who was a regular on his liberal, long running blog, would have at least publicly inquired about Banan’s unexplained absence, but none did, other than myself.

    I wonder if that Castro Street clone Christ wannabe, had anything to do with Banan’s sudden departure. He’s the self proclaimed intellectual…, well actually a more accurate description would be an intellectual mimic, as his only gift is that of recall,… who dresses like a 1970s Castro Street clone, complete with a red or blue handkerchief in his back pocket,… who makes his living by getting his name on life insurance policies and wills of people, especially if they’re close to death, …yeah that Castro Street clone, who has a very checkered, short, work history. Yup, I wonder if that man had anything to do with Banan’s disappearance? His social security employment record would be the real indicator of his past employment, not his embellished self importance of the few short time jobs he claims to have held, before he would leave in a “go to hell” moment, or be asked to …but I digress. Yeah, I wonder if that Castro Street clone, Christ wannabe, had any role in Banan’s unexplained departure?

    That clone has a well established record of re-writing my history. He’s contacted just about everybody he knew, knew me. Yes, he’s that vicious. He’s said in the past, I have no personality, so it makes it easy for him to project onto me whatever he and his self assumed gift of perception, believes. I ask anybody, have you ever met somebody like that? Who would say such a thing to another person? I mean seriously, who would make such a claim, except someone who’s quite impressed with themselves, even though they’ve never accomplished much in life, and more than likely, jealous of my success. Hell, he lives out of his van, when he’s not hustling someone for a place to stay. Usually somebody whose sickly and on death’s doorstep. He has a mailbox service as his address. How many private citizens do you know have a mailbox service as their address? Most people I’ve heard about, that use such services, are homeless, or hiding from something or someone. There I go digressing again.

    I’m fairly certain that clone has posted on Banan’s blog, as recently as last year and made direct comments to mine, under an assumed name though. (Maybe more than one.) I recognized his vicious, snotty, condescending arrogant style, immediately. He’s never got over the fact I don’t see him as God’s gift to humankind or the self proclaimed intellectual he believes he is. If I see him as anybody comparable to an historical figure, it would be a man named Manson, but without the charisma, ambition or dedicated following. He’s nothing but a mind game player who thinks he’s superior to most people, just as Manson did.

    That Christ wannabe I described above, can be devious. It’s part of his self acclaimed “high game player” identity. I’m not sure why anybody would brag about such a proclivity, but that’s his term, not mine. You see, I believe Banan knows who I’m referring to, as the clone has spoken to me as though he knows him and others at Banan’s former place of employment. He’s even made several comments to me concerning Banan, about some of his past demons, as though he knew him first hand, when he was probably told some superficial dirt by one of his co-workers, as he claimed to have a hot line to them too. But then again, he makes off like he’s an expert on just about everybody he claims to know, no matter how brief the encounter. He’s very thorough when he prepares his case to assassinate the character of those who offend his tender ego. He’s evil that way. He will seek superficial information on those he chooses to demonize, so he can infer some sense of familiarity and the consequential believability that can create. He’s that vicious, and I mean with a capital V. If there ever was a person who operates from a position of “with malice and forethought”, right from the beginning of any association he enters, that’s the Castro Street clone with the Christ complex.

    That clone with the Christ complex, has no boundaries. He throws everybody under the bus eventually, when he thinks they know longer see him as he wants them to. His own siblings can’t stand him. His sister told me she had no respect for him and that he has no idea who he is. The clone even told me his brother, forbid his adult children from having any contact with him, and threatened to remove them from his will if they did. And one more thing, why don’t you ask him about his registered sex offender (now deceased) boyfriend? Of course, I bet if you did ask him, he’d most likely play dumb and act as though he has no idea who you’re talking about. Although, he’s such a game player, now that I’ve predicted his behavior, he’d most likely find a way to respond in a way to discount or make irrelevant my forecast. Besides that, who in their right mind would claim this story is about them?

    Banan, if you’re out there……I’ll define who I am, not you… or that flamer phony Christ wannabe.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a pineapple upside down cake to bake. I have a celebration to attend.

    PS – Banan, my beef isn’t with you. It’s with that Christ wannabe. You’re just providing the table to serve it on. I’ve always tried to respect your politically liberal opinions, even if they gagged me. You know what they say about revenge being a dish best served cold! It’s my turn now, and that Christ wannabe will know what I mean. Oh, I almost forgot, Happy Birthday!


    …All rights reserved and any similarities to actual persons or situations are strictly coincidental and unintended … Copyright privileges invoked as can be applied.

    CHAPTER TWO – in process

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