Some Republicans are obsessed with notion that Obama isn’t manly enough

What is it about conservatives that machismo ranks at the top of their list of virtues? Commentator David Brooks, who’s not exactly a model of masculinity himself, said something on TV the other day about President Obama having “a manhood problem” in his execution of foreign policy. Puh-leeze! Sally Kahn responds to this silliness HERE: [B]eneath this crass political tactic is desperation to prop up the aggressive masculinity on which not only conservative American culture relies but which provides the rallying point and...

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Jon Stewart says welfare rancher Cliven Bundy desecrates American flag

Political satirist Jon Stewart devoted the opening segment of “The Daily Show” last night to a scorching attack on renegade Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters. Bundy has been grazing his cattle on federal lands for decades while refusing to pay the fees other ranchers pay. Courts repeatedly have ruled against him, and the Nevada State Constitution recognizes the federal government’s authority in this case. But Bundy steadfastly has defied the law, while a gang of armed militia types have rallied to his defense....

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Right-wing pundit says Romney won in 2012 — if you don’t count the wrong kind of voters

Barack Obama is the first president since Dwight Eisenhower to win two consecutive elections by more than 51 percent of the popular vote. But to hear some people tell it, Obama’s victories are tainted, mainly because he didn’t do well among old, white, rural voters — y’know, the real Americans. Michael Medved made that kind of argument in the Wall Street Journal the other day. And Heather Digby Parton smacked it down HERE: If the majority of women who vote for Democrats are young, single and black or brown, how can...

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Public skepticism about evolution, the Big Bang theory and global warming is widespread

The only solace I can take from a recent Associated Press poll on certain scientific matters is that skepticism is probably greatest among older folks (although the results I’ve seen don’t actually say so). All in all, however, there’s much in this survey that should be cause for concern. The story is HERE: Americans have more skepticism than confidence in global warming, the age of the Earth and evolution and have the most trouble believing a Big Bang created the universe 13.8 billion years ago… About 4 in 10 say they...

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Does fracking cause earthquakes?

It might surprise you to learn that 39 of our 50 states are at risk of experiencing earthquakes of varying severity, as shown in the map above. California, of course, is the state most commonly associated with quakes. Hence, it’s only natural that residents of the Golden State would be especially concerned with the question of whether the practice of fracking for oil and gas can trigger earthquakes. The editorial board of the Los Angeles Times addresses the matter HERE: Until recently, evidence linking earthquakes to fracking — the...

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Rand Paul thinks the last time the U.S. economy created millions of jobs was under Reagan

Like most Republican politicians, Rand Paul has a weak grasp of American history. Take, for example, the Kentucky  senator’s claim that “the last time in our country we created millions of jobs” was during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. That’s not even close. Millions of jobs have been created during Barack Obama’s presidency.  And job-creation under Bill Clinton was far greater than under Reagan. Indeed, since Reagan’s first inauguration, Democratic presidents have created more jobs in their 14 years in...

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