Cowardly Chris Christie lies about previously favoring gun control

Why should I bother picking on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie? After all, his chances of winning the Republican presidential nomination are not much better than mine. But I can’t resist the temptation of blowing the whistle on Christie for his display of craven political cowardice the other day. Simply stated, he’s not a man of his word. Christie understands that any Republican who expresses any sort of favor for gun control will be lucky if he isn’t drummed out of the party. There is simply no way on Earth that any such...

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Calm down, good people! It’s still highly unlikely that Trump will become our president

None of the current crop of presidential candidates in the Republican and Democratic parties is as good as Donald Trump in dominating news coverage. The media are obsessed with him, mainly because he so often says outrageous things. He draws big crowds at his rallies, and he’s been at the top of GOP polls for months now. But none of that means that he’s likely to win the Republican nomination, let alone the presidency itself. His lead in GOP polls arises in great part from the fact that there are so many candidates. Let’s...

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This blog post is coming to you live from Paris

What would you say if I told you that the shadow on the left in the photo above is me on the streets of Paris? You’d be skeptical, right? Well, OK, I admit it. That isn’t me. It’s just a stock photo. I’m not really in Paris. I’m just trying to emulate the folks on the cable-TV news outlets who are going to ridiculous lengths these days to make sure viewers know they’re on the job in the City of Light in the wake of the terrorist attacks of 10 days ago. How ridiculous are these lengths? Glad you asked. Have...

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Heaven help us if our shameful fear of foreigners has come to this

A news item from yesterday: David Bowers, the mayor of Roanoke, Virginia, thinks the internment of Japanese- Americans during World War II was a good idea and that there should be more of that kind of thing. Bowers, like a lot of state and local government officials, is trying to prevent Syrian refugees from being resettled in his area. Unlike most state and local government officials, however, he justifies his actions by saying we should be at least as harsh toward Syrians because of ISIS as FDR was to Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor:...

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Once again, I’m wondering if Donald Trump is actually a Democratic mole

You may have noticed that Donald Trump’s rhetoric has become more outrageous in the past few days in the wake of the terrorism in Paris. He’s now dropping hints to his bigoted followers that, as president, he might move to close all the mosques in this country and require that American Muslims wear some sort of conspicuous forms of identification. This is all crazy talk, of course, but it appeals to the more loony elements of the American electorate. It also reminds me of several blog posts I wrote this past summer. On July 26,...

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Remember when American pseudo-patriots hated France for opposing Iraq War?

In the wake of the recent terrorism in Paris,  almost everyone in the Western world, Americans included, seems to love the French. But it hasn’t always been that way, has it? Just 12 years ago, millions of phony American patriots mocked France for its failure to join with the administration of George W. Bush in waging war against Iraq in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Iraq had nothing to do with those attacks, but most Americans were in a bellicose mood, and war against almost any nation in the Middle East seemed...

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