Regarding America’s trend toward social liberalism

  It may surprise you to learn that the steady increase in public approval of certain types of social liberalism in America in recent decades is not entirely a case of old conservatives dying off and being replaced by more progressive-minded young folks. Oh, sure, generation gaps are part of the situation. That’s always been the case.  But it’s not really that simple. I don’t have any recent poll numbers at hand to support my point, but I don’t really need any. When I wrote on this subject some years ago, I used...

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The first time I badly underestimated Donald Trump

  As a celebrated wordsmith renowned for his brilliant insights, it pains me greatly to concede that I’ve been wrong about Donald Trump’s political acumen on several occasions. The first such misjudgment of The Donald on my part, according to my casual research, occurred in January of 2012. It read as follows: Donald Trump, the notorious Birther buffoon and reality TV star, is again desperately trying to attract attention amid all the media buzz over this year’s presidential race. We haven’t heard much from The...

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Will Republicans tell more lies about the debt ceiling?

  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (see illustration) said something the other day about how congressional action on raising the federal government’s debt ceiling won’t likely happen before March of next year. I can hardly wait. I’m eager to see if McConnell and his current crop of Republican lawmakers resort to the kind of demagoguery their brethren of six years employed during a previous political battle over the debt ceiling. Democrat Barack Obama was president back then, and his GOP enemies in Congress were...

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If Roy Moore wins, I’m cool with it

  It isn’t like me to say I’ve been wrong — indeed, it isn’t like me to be wrong in the first place — but I seem to have been rooting of late for Roy Moore’s political career to be ended by the reports that he was forcing himself on teenage girls decades ago when he was in his 30s. These reports have spawned a sensational political scandal that now threatens Moore’s Republican candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat from Alabama previously held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I’ve had to...

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Regarding Trump’s pathetic begging for praise

  Poor Donald Trump! The man’s lust for glory is beyond ridiculous. Here’s the latest example: Three basketball players from UCLA were released from custody the other day after serving a short spell in a Chinese jail on charges of shoplifting sunglasses from a department store in Hangzhou. The accused athletes are now back in America — presumably safe and sound and perhaps wiser for the unhappy experience. Trump, who was visiting Asia when the situation arose, seems more than eager to take credit for the happy...

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Weather and climate aren’t the same thing

  It’s been a while, but I heard some guy on the radio argue the other day that the frequency of inaccurate weather forecasts by professional meteorologists is evidence that the claims regarding global warming made by climate scientists are pure nonsense. Wow! I had almost begun to think that theories like that one had long since been filed away with myths about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It reminds me of something I jotted down from some source or another a few years ago. It read as follows: Scientists can’t...

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