Pollsters warn against using their surveys to exclude candidates from debates

As you’re probably aware by now, some of the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination have been relegated to second-tier status by sponsors of televised debates. This strategy is prompted mainly by the fact that so many people are in the GOP race. The thinking is that it would be unwieldy to have all the candidates in a single debate. So, the solution has been to create a so-called kiddies debate for the candidates who seem not to be doing very well in the polls. The problem here is that the polls aren’t always...

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Fewer than one in four Americans own guns, but some are armed to the teeth

  With the subject of guns back in the spotlight in the wake of yesterday’s deadly shooting spree at a college in Oregon, it would  do us all well, I think, to review THESE FACTS: The number of Americans who live in a household with at least one gun is lower than it’s ever been, according to a major American trend survey that finds the decline in gun ownership is paralleled by a reduction in the number of Americans who hunt. According to the latest General Social Survey, 32 percent of Americans either own a firearm themselves or...

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The new speaker of the House is not the sharpest knife in the drawer

One might think that the Democrats, not the Republicans, have made the choice of Rep. Kevin McCarthy to succeed John Boehner as speaker of the U.S. House. McCarthy seems none too bright, to put it mildly. It’s not just that he openly admits that the never-ending Republican “investigation” of the Benghazi matter is a politically-motivated effort to tar the image of Hillary Clinton. And it’s not just that his legislative record is almost non-existent (he’s authored only two bills that became law, one of which...

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Trump will quit the race before voters get a chance to dismiss him

Let me concede from the outset here that all of my predictions about Donald Trump’s political ambitions have been wrong so far. I said that he would never formally announce his presidential candidacy, and I was wrong. I said that he would never file the necessary paperwork, and I was wrong. I said that he would never disclose his finances, and I was wrong. But I’m not giving up yet. I’m predicting now that The Donald will drop his candidacy before the voting starts early next year. He’ll find some excuse for why he...

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Why did we elect this Muslim-lover as our president — not just once, but twice?

Presidents of the United States sometimes say things they later regret. But I haven’t heard any expressions of regret from the president who said these things: Some of the comments that have been uttered about Islam do not reflect the sentiments of my government or the sentiments of most Americans. Islam, as practiced by the vast majority of people, is a peaceful religion, a religion that respects others. … We see in Islam a religion that traces its origins back to God’s call on Abraham. We share your belief in God’s...

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The so-called scandal concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails is wildly overblown

It’s my educated guess that the average American cannot explain the political fuss over Hillary Clinton’s emails. It has something to do with Hillary using her home computer for State Department business, right? Yes it does. Her predecessors as secretary of state never did anything like that, right? Wrong. Several of them did much the same thing. So did other government officials. But Hillary’s mishandling of her emails constituted a crime, right? No, not likely. She has not been charged with committing any crime. Well,...

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