Is this week’s New England blizzard caused by climate change?

Inveterate deniers of climate change are stumbling over themselves today with crazy explanations of this week’s snowstorm in the Eastern United States and how it relates — or doesn’t — to mainstream scientific theories on global warming. Several deniers are pointing out that this storm is just the latest in a rush of such occurrences so far in this century. They say this pattern, on its face, disproves warming theories. But it doesn’t. The opposite is more likely the case. Of course, no single short-term weather...

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This blog post is downright miraculous, if I say so myself

OK, I’ll admit that the headline above is an exaggeration. I don’t really think this blog post is downright miraculous. But if it caught your attention, it has served its purpose. To be honest about the matter, I should concede at the outset here that I don’t really believe in miracles. Rather, I simply recognize that everything that happens in life can be made to seem miraculous. That’s because a case can be made that everything seems to be almost impossibly unlikely. Follow me here: It’s extremely  unlikely...

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Ernie Banks and me

Having awakened this morning to news of the death of baseball great Ernie Banks at the age of 83, I’m trying to sort through a flood of memories that suddenly — and even surprisingly, in some respects — come to mind. Banks was one of my great boyhood heroes, to be sure, but only now do I begin to grasp just how important he was to me in my formative years. My obsession with him was such that my nickname among my male friends in the mid- and late 1950s was “Ernie.” The Chicago Cubs were terrible in those years,...

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Sarah Palin hints at running for president, but I’m guessing she won’t

Sarah Palin, the former half-term governor of Alaska and running mate on John McCain’s unsuccessful presidential ticket in 2008, says she’s thinking of running for the GOP nomination next year. But my own sense of the matter is that she won’t. Along with several potential White House hopefuls, Palin will attend the Iowa Freedom Summit this weekend, which naturally raises questions about her own plans. She said THIS yesterday in response to such queries: “Yeah, I mean, of course, when you have a servant’s heart, when you know...

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Same old Mitt Romney is flip-flopping again

The second time Mitt Romney ran for president — in 2012, when he lost the general election to Barack Obama — he got a reputation as one of the flip-floppingest politicians of modern times. There was hardly an issue on which the Mittster hadn’t been on both sides. He seemed to figure that voters would pay attention only to his latest positions. And some of them probably did. Well, as you probably have heard, Romney is considering another run for the White House in 2016. And once again, he’s flipping and flopping all...

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Oxymoronically, deflategate scandal is overblown

The biggest problem with the so-called scandal concerning allegations that the New England Patriots blew too little air into the footballs with which they played last Sunday is that the mainstream news media have blown too much air into the matter. Did this issue really deserve to be the lead story on all three major-network newscasts the other night? Was there nothing of far greater importance happening anywhere in the world? Come on. Wait! I know what you’re thinking: Deflategate is a big story because everyone is talking about it. My...

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