Does the gender of your children influence your politics?

  The question posed in the headline above actually is a challenge to you, the reader. I have no definitive answer that applies to most people, and my own experience might well have only limited value as social research. About nine or ten years ago, I came across an article suggesting that parents of daughters tend to be more politically liberal than people whose children are sons. I don’t remember what it said about families in which there are both daughters and sons. In any event, I’ve lost track of the article at issue and...

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Will Trump be America’s first permanently unpopular president?

  History suggests that Donald Trump eventually will rise above 50 percent in the polls, but it hasn’t happened in the first five weeks of his presidency, and it isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. It’s possible, if unlikely, that it may never happen. In this sense, The Donald has a chance, albeit slim, of rewriting American political history as the most consistently disfavored among our 45 chief executives. Yes, more than a few of our past presidents have suffered through spells of bad poll numbers. Some have seen...

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Is Trump aware that so many people question his mental health?

  A prominent political website reported today that White House staffers are required to go to great lengths to feed reports to President Trump  that flatter his intellect — lest he acts cranky and says or does something especially stupid. The story says that “Trump’s own staff knows full well he’s an unstable narcissist who’s likely to go off on dangerous tangents at any given time unless he’s fed a constant diet of praise and shielded from criticism—and leaving him alone for even the span of a few...

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Donald Trump needs a lesson on the talents of Philip Freneau

  President Trump’s incessant whining about the sins of the news media is fraught with naivete, especially when he invokes the words of Thomas Jefferson on his side of the argument. Yes, Jefferson was a bitter critic of newspapers in his time, but he was hypocritical about it. He didn’t like it when a paper that supported his political foes picked on him, so he helped establish a rival paper, the Gazette of the United States, to fight back. Jefferson was secretary of state at the time, and he hired a hatchetman named Philip...

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A month later, Trump is still unpopular

    Donald Trump became president of the United States one month ago today, and his approval rating at this late date is weaker than that of any previous chief executive in the history of political polling. Trump’s numbers have been in negative territory for several months, since well before he took office. Oh sure, he can say that he’s doing comparatively well in the Rasmussen poll at a 55 percent approval rating, but the more reputable polls from Gallup and Pew have him at 40 and 38 percent, respectively. Rasmussen is...

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Canadian paper posts long list of Trump’s falsehoods

  Donald John Trump took the oath of office as president of the United States four weeks ago today, ever  since which he’s continued his campaign-trail practice of peddling lies and distortions. The Star.com, an online adjunct of the  Toronto Star, has compiled a list of 80 examples. Here they are, in reverse chronological order: 80. Feb. 16, 2017 — White House press conference The claim: “I guess it was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan.” In fact: George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all earned...

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