Trump is peddling nonsense about crime

  There is perhaps no subject in America that more readily lends itself to political distortion than crime rates. Donald Trump is fully aware of this, as evidenced by the incessant fear-mongering in his political rhetoric. In his big speech last night at the Republican Convention, The Donald did his best to misrepresent the overall picture of crime in the past few decades. The truth of the matter is that crime stats tend to fluctuate from time to time and from locale to locale. This makes the causes of crime difficult to pinpoint and...

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In politics, the enemy of my enemy is sometimes my friend

  Like anyone else with at least half a brain, I greatly enjoyed the spectacle at the Republican Convention Wednesday night when the insufferable Ted Cruz gave the proverbial finger to the even more insufferable Donald Trump. Ordinarily, a loser in the race for a party’s presidential nomination is allowed to speak at the convention only for purposes of burying the hatchet and endorsing the nominee in the general election. But that wasn’t the case with Cruz. Trump’s people seem to have blundered in inviting Cruz to speak...

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At this point, Hillary seems likely to win the election

  As an opinionated political writer for more than 50 years, I’ve always endeavored to keep my biases out of my presidential-election predictions. The result has been that I’ve correctly forecast the defeat of several candidates for whom I have voted. And only one of my final predictions has proved wrong –the storied election of 2000, when George W. Bush defeated Al Gore with help from the U.S. Supreme Court. In most cases, there’s nothing especially tricky about picking the winner of a presidential election. You...

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Mrs. Obama cribbed from Mrs. Trump’s speech — eight years in advance!

  Most Americans had already gone to bed or had shifted their attention to non-political matters when it was revealed last night that Melania Trump’s address to the Republican National Convention included several passages that also were used by Michele Obama in a speech of 2008. Oh, the shame of it all! Of course, the liberal media are trying to suggest that whoever wrote the passages at issue for the Trump woman plagiarized them from Mrs. Obama’s speech. But true-blue patriotic Americans know better, don’t we? The...

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The season of poll-watching will soon hit high gear

  When the national political conventions of this week and next are finally behind us, the American public and the news media will pay increasing attention to what the presidential polls are telling us. But it’s a tricky business in almost every respect. Accurate polls are increasingly difficult to conduct, especially in this age of cell phones. And most of the media do a poor job of interpreting poll results. Consider this situation: As of this morning (Monday, July 18), the latest editions of six national polls show Hillary...

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Enough already with the foolish push for term limits

  This Independence Day weekend is as good a time as any to make my fundamental case against the mistaken notion that term limits would help cure some of the nation’s political problems. Term limits are a terrible idea, as I’ve argued on countless occasions. And on most of those occasions, I’ve invoked the words of Ronald Reagan, the patron saint of modern Republican conservatism (at least he was before the GOP went completely bonkers in recent years). In his presidential farewell address in 1989, Reagan rightly pointed out that...

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