Dubya redeems himself

  Though never a fan of George W. Bush, I hereby join the chorus of praise of the former president for his landmark speech yesterday in which he lambasted Donald Trump without ever mentioning him by name. Dubya’s remarks amounted to a worthy summation of true Americanism and a warning against the bully-boy brand of politics practiced by Trump. He condemned the excessive nationalism touted by the current occupant of the White House, arguing that it alienates America from many of its democratic friends around the world. Bush also...

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Are you a patriotic American?

    A few years ago, Gallup or one of  the  other major polling operations surveyed a cross-section of the American populace on the issue of patriotism. The most curious of the results, as I recall, was that Republicans were considerably more likely than Democrats or political independents to say that they were “extremely patriotic.” That struck me  as so typically Republican. Extremism seems to be the long suit among today’s GOPers. But the main problem with that poll was that patriotism is a nebulous concept. We...

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Does Trump miss having time to play golf?

  Say what you will about Donald Trump, but you can’t argue that he spends too much time playing golf. Or can you? You may recall that when Trump was campaigning for the White House, he said he wouldn’t have much time for golf if he was president. He promised that he’d be too busy in the White House, tending to the people’s business, to bother chasing a little white ball around one of the courses he owns.  And he faulted Barack Obama for wasting too much time on the links when he should have been hard at work at...

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Trump’s lies are too numerous to count

  For quite a while now, I’ve been toying with the idea of listing all the falsehoods peddled by Donald Trump since his inauguration nearly nine months ago — but there are just too many of them. Then, too, it’s hard to distinguish the stuff Trump knows to be dishonest from the nonsense he seems to believe is true. I don’t think he actually knows the difference. You might expect that The Donald would never be so reckless that he would tell lies that can easily be debunked, but you’d be wrong. When he’s...

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There’s no such thing as “normal” politics

    A friend of mine asked the other day if I expect American politics to “return to normal” once the presidency of Donald Trump is behind us. Wow! One could spend hours responding to such a query. The short answer is that politics in the post-Trump era will be much different. The longer answer is that politics never stays the same. My disdain of The Donald is as strong as anyone’s, but I’m not kidding myself that the body politic eventually will revert to what it was in the pre-Donald era. The best I can...

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Is there still a Tea Party movement?

  Back during the first years of Barack Obama’s presidency, there arose among the political booboisie in this country an angry movement calling itself the Tea Party —  a misnomer if there ever was one. The original Tea Party, the one in Boston a few centuries ago, was not a fitting inspiration for this 21st century namesake. The people who disguised themselves as Native Americans and threw tea into Boston Harbor were not protesting a tax increase. Quite the opposite; they were opposed to a certain tax decrease. But never mind...

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