Misreading the Second Amendment

  Every once in a while, I’ll read or hear from some gun nut the foolish notion that the Second Amendment is intended to give the citizenry the right to mount an insurrection against the government. The exact opposite is the reality. Journalist Andrew Reinbach explained the situation in a piece he wrote four or five years ago for The Huffington Post, a copy of which I’ve saved for reference. Reinbach wrote: If somebody brings up the first phrase –” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a...

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Scientific predictions of eclipse were dead-on

  A question arises: Why was nobody surprised by today’s solar eclipse? The answer, of course, is simple: Scientists predicted it. Ah, but the overwhelming consensus among climate scientists on the issue of global warming is ignored by millions of people.  Why the inconsistency? Funny thing, but the answer to that one also is pretty simple: The deniers mostly are right-wing ideologues. They know that they’ll all likely be dead before the consequences of climate change become downright unbearable. Meanwhile,  they’ll...

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What a day!

  If you’re like me and view most matters through the prism of politics, you may have noticed that this third Friday in August of 2017 is shaping up as an especially good day — and it’s only noon as I write these words. Almost everything I’ve seen this morning on TV and the internet bodes well for the good guys. Donald Trump’s slide into public disfavor continues apace as his poll numbers steadily decline. The sudden surge of neo-Confederate sentiment in this country is suffering a stunning beat-back....

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If you could interview Donald Trump, what would you ask him?

  It’s the American in me, not the lifelong journalist, that makes me fervently wish for an opportunity to ask a few questions of President Trump. I would even be willing to solemnly vow that I would never publicly disclose his responses — not that such a shameless man likely would care. It would take more effort than I’ve yet given the matter to decide the order of the questions I would pose to the president, but I can list here a few of the subjects I would cover. One of the issues sure to arise would be Trump’s...

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Trump is doomed

  All through the nearly seven months that Donald Trump has served as president of the United States, I’ve been predicting that he won’t likely remain in office for the full four years to which he was elected. My sense of the matter has been colored, of course, by my distaste for the nonsense The Donald has been peddling all along to America’s boobosie. And now he’s finally gone too far, thereby sealing his political doom. Trump’s lame effort  to draw a false equivalence between the blatant racists who...

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Martin Luther King was more radical than most folks remember

With race relations the hot topic in the past few days, the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. has come to mind again among many of us – but not always accurately. King’s been dead for 49 years, and the memories of him among most folks tend to gloss over the radical nature of the cause he championed. The following essay, published by the American Prospect nine years ago, is more accurate than our fuzzy memories: ———— America began perverting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message in the spring of 1963....

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