Good evidence that Trump has a mental problem

  The 100th day of Donald Trump’s presidency arrives this coming Saturday, as you probably know  — and it’s driving him crazy. When it became clear recently that the 100-day landmark likely would arrive without Trump having kept most of the promises he made last October in his Contract with the American Voter, he pretended that no such pledges were made. He called the 100-day gauge a “ridiculous standard.” He denied authorship of the so-called contract. He said it was the work of a nameless...

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Mathematical quandary in Trump’s poll numbers

  A friend of mine called this morning with a few questions regarding President Trump’s low approval ratings in the latest polls. If only 2 percent of Trump supporters say they regret having voted for him, the guy asked, how can it be that 40 percent of Americans disapprove of his performance as president? His meager approval numbers suggest that more people would be sorry that they ever supported him in the first place, wouldn’t they? Good questions. And here are the answers: For starters, Trump won in the Electoral College,...

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Let’s pray for a late-April snowstorm

  It probably won’t happen, but it sure would be fun to see a big snowstorm arise in the next week or so somewhere in the continental United States. It would not be unprecedented. Indeed, every once in a while, it happens even in early May. The best thing about unseasonable snowfall is that it gets the climate-change deniers all excited. They see it as solid evidence that the global-warming alarmists have been peddling hooey all along. The deniers are completely oblivious to certain realities as described HERE by NASA scientists:...

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Right-wing reaction to Fox firing O’Reilly is hilarious

  In the wake of Fox News Channel’s dismissal of superstar Bill O’Reilly in connection with his alleged sexual harassment of women, I went slumming in the right-wing blogosphere this morning to gauge the reaction among the political booboisie. It was a creepy experience at first, but it gradually became quite entertaining. There were more than a few comments about Bill Clinton’s scandalous womanizing back in the day, as if his sexual adventures were analogous to O’Reilly’s unwelcome advances on certain...

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Is Bill O’Reilly a victim of political correctness?

  At this writing, the proverbial axe is falling on Bill O’Reilly at Fox News Channel — and many of his fans are blaming political correctness. I beg to differ on that latter point. The PC police have been howling about O’Reilly’s right-wing rants all through his 21-year career at FNC, always to no avail.  But the fates began to turn against Bill-O when The New York Times recently ran a feature piece itemizing the lawsuits filed against him by women alleging sexual harassment. The paper said O’Reilly has...

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The American populace is becoming more multiracial

  Six years ago this spring, I wrote a blog post about a report from the Census Bureau that most births in America in those days were officially designated as non-white. This trend likely is even more that way in 2017. It would do us well, I would argue, to keep this situation in perspective. America has always been a melting pot, and lately it is even more so. One of my regular readers back in 2011 seems to have imagined a note of alarm in my piece about the Census Bureau report. He was wrong, of course, but he made some good points in...

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