Friday news dump: GOP-led panel debunks Benghazi conspiracy theories

Political cynics in Washington have a term for the convenient timing of news releases from embarrassed politicians and agencies that don’t want them to gain any more attention than is absolutely unavoidable. They’re called “Friday night news dumps.” But there’s a risk, of course, that such sneakiness will only heighten public attention in the long run, especially when the news at issue contradicts the rhetoric peddled for months by political demagogues. HERE‘s a perfect example: A two-year investigation by...

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Tragedy: Paul Ryan, the erstwhile Janesville genius, is suffering from acute amnesia

I can’t even bring myself to describe this heart-breaking situation. You can read about it HERE.

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Did your ancestors from abroad go through any formal immigration process?

Almost everybody in America had ancestors who came from some other country. But if yours came  here much more than a century ago, they didn’t likely endure any official immigration rigamorole. They just arrived on ships or some other mode of transportation and found some place to call home. But it’s not unusual these days for Americans to claim, often with an unwarranted air of certainty, that their ancestors “came here legally.”  In truth, their ancestors’ arrival might well have been neither legal nor illegal....

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Urgent Notice: Whatever you do, don’t drink the water!

Say what you will about Republican politicians, but don’t say they’re not concerned about the purity of the water we drink. On the contrary, they’ve warning for years now that the well has been poisoned by a fellow named Barack Hussein Obama. HERE‘s a handy collection of those warnings.  ...

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It’s absurd to argue that Obama’s immigration plan is lawless

If the bogus right-wing claims made against President Obama’s immigration-reform initiative came in the form of snowplows, the streets of Buffalo could be cleared by nightfall. Most of the complaints come from ordinary folks who are completely unaware of certain facts regarding Obama’s record concerning illegal immigrants. They don’t know, for example, that deportations of illegals have increased under Obama, as have expenditures on border security. They also don’t know the number of people trying to cross our border...

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Theory: Obama leaked a scoop to Fox News just to mess with John Boehner’s mind

Everyone loves a story about how someone they don’t like is cleverly outmaneuvered by someone they do like. THIS is just such a story, but it’s too complicated to excerpt here. Read the whole...

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