Some right-wingers love to cite the role of Democrats in the segregationist South of yore

Every once in a while, I get a comment on my blog from some conservative who thinks a clever point is made by recalling the days when the Democratic Party was dominated to a certain extent by Southern segregationists. Such comments seem oblivious to the fact that the Democrats long ago cut their ties with segregationists. When Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he privately said to an aide: “We have lost the South for a generation.” LBJ’s prediction was borne out in part by the extent to which the Democratic and Republican...

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Go for it, Michele! Please! Please! Pretty please!

An even better picker-upper than my first cup of coffee this morning was my discovery of THIS NEWS STORY: Though set to retire from the U.S. House after her term expires at the end of this year, Michele Bachmann may not be done with electoral politics. The Minnesota congresswoman and 2012 Republican presidential candidate told RealClearPolitics on Tuesday that she is considering a second White House run…. “The only thing that the media has speculated on is that it’s going to be various men that are running,” she replied. “They haven’t...

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Will today’s court ruling against Obamacare backfire on Republicans?

At this writing, the big political story of the day is a federal appeals court ruling that says insurance subsidies granted to certain states under terms of the Affordable Care Act are invalid. The decision is widely viewed as potentially fatal to Obamacare, depending on what the Supreme Court says about the matter. But a question arises: Is this all of this good news for Republicans? Brian Beutler has his doubts, as we see HERE: An adverse Supreme Court ruling would throw the ACA into chaos in three dozen states, including huge states like...

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A scientific theory on what makes conservatives different from the rest of us

The journal Behavorial and Brain Sciences has been sorting through various studies on why political conservatives are the way they are and has reached THIS CONCLUSION, among others: A large body of political scientists and political psychologists now concur that liberals and conservatives disagree about politics in part because they are different people at the level of personality, psychology, and even traits like physiology and genetics. That’s a big deal. It challenges everything that we thought we knew about politics—upending the...

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Just last year, Republican leaders warned that an anti-immigration stance is suicidal

It’s becoming increasingly clear to anyone who’s paying attention that the far-right wing of the Republican Party — the tail that wags the dog, as it were — is the biggest threat to the GOP’s prospects for electoral success in the long term. Exhibit A is the extent to which the party’s establishment is cravenly cowering in the face of wingnut opposition to immigration reform. So much for the short-lived hopes that the GOP had learned an important lesson from its loss in the presidential election of 2012....

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Remember what Ronald Reagan did when the Russkies shot down a passenger plane?

The current generation of American political conservatives is not well-known for its firm grasp of history. Accordingly, it strikes me as a good idea to warn these right-wing partisans against making any snarky suggestions that Ronald Reagan would have done better than Barack Obama in dealing with yesterday’s missile attack on a civilian passenger plane in the skies over Ukraine. HERE‘s a history lesson worth taking to heart: On Sept. 1, 1983, the Soviet Union shot down a Korean Airlines passenger airliner traveling from New York...

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