Surprise! Ben Carson was against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — and also in Vietnam!

It’s my guess that most Republicans who see Dr. Ben Carson as a good choice for their party’s presidential nomination don’t know about this: Carson says it was a mistake for the U.S. to invade Iraq and adds that he wrote a letter to President George W. Bush advising against the war in Afghanistan as well. But wait! It gets better. Carson says this of America’s ill-fated military adventure in Southeast Asia: In the case of Vietnam, we were trying to stop the spread of communism, which seems like a noble cause to those...

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The political ignorance and apathy of the American people is shocking

It behooves me, I suppose, to begin this submission with an old joke: Question: Which is worse, ignorance or apathy? Answer: I don’t know, and I don’t care. That gag came to mind when I read THIS PIECE the other day: The data on American political apathy is rather consistent, and stunning. Begin with the fact that even in presidential election years, 40 to 50 percent of the voting-age public simply chooses not to participate in the voting process at all, while two-thirds chooses not to vote in midterm elections. Even more...

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Stupid answers to a stupid question

The mainstream media have been busying themselves lately asking politicians in general and presidential hopefuls in particular if they would have approved the U.S. military invasion of Iraq on the basis of what we know now. It’s the wrong question, and it elicits the wrong answers. James Fallows points out HERE: Leaders don’t make decisions on the basis of “what we know now” retrospectively. They have to weigh evidence based on “what we knew then,” in real time… The “knowing what we know” question presumes that the Bush...

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A brokered Republican convention? Bring it on! Bring it on!

Over the course of several decades back in the day, I was a credentialed journalist at the national conventions of both political parties every four years. It didn’t take long, however, for the thrill of it all to wear thin, and I finally stopped going after the conventions of 1984. The problem was that conventions had become boring. The schedule of primary elections in various states had become increasingly long, and the parceling of delegates was pretty much done before the convention was held. The event itself was dedicated only to...

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In the wake of Waco, it’s time to deal with the epidemic of white-on-white crime

Incidents of racial unrest in America in recent months have given rise to concern about the problem of black-on-black crime. More than a few white folks have expressed great wonder at why so many black people victimize one another. Indeed, the question often arises: What’s wrong with those people? They’re only hurting themselves. But a somewhat different question also arises, especially in the wake of yesterday’s outbreak of violence among biker gangs in Waco, Tex.: Why is white-on-white crime so commonplace in America?...

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Is the Republican Party literally dying away?

Over and over again in recent years, the point has been made that demographic changes in America tend to favor Democrats over Republicans. For example, the non-white segment of the populace, most of which leans Democratic, is growing faster than the white segment. But there’s another factor that spells trouble for the GOP: It’s membership is dying off at a faster pace than that of the Democrats. Daniel J. McGraw has the story HERE: There’s been much written about how millennials are becoming a reliable voting bloc for Democrats,...

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