Dispassionate analyst, no ideologue, says Ted Cruz can’t win GOP nomination

The folks who work at numbers-cruncher Nate Silver’s website, FiveThirtyEight.com, are not political advocates. Rather, they study trends and polls and such and report on them. One of them, Harry Enten, has examined Sen. Ted Cruz’s chances of winning the 2016 Republican presidential nomination — never mind the presidency itself — and says they are exceedingly slim HERE are excerpt from Enten’s report: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s newly minted presidential campaign is the media equivalent of a juicy rib-eye that robbers...

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Right-wing magazine falsely denies upward mobility of Latinos

Gee, I can’t imagine any publication founded by legendary conservative William F. Buckley slurring any American minority. But, alas, such seems to be the case, as we see HERE: On March 20, National Review published an article by Washington Examiner’s Michael Barone suggesting that the Latino community in America has “so far been unable to achieve the upward mobility of previous immigrant groups.” Barone pointed to “second-generation Hispanics hav[ing] more negative health outcomes, higher divorce rates, and...

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To support their own worldview, Republicans have to ignore these Obama successes

Today’s candidacy announcement by Sen. Ted Cruz marks the formal opening of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, which means the rhetoric will now become hotter and heavier with each passing day. For example, Cruz and his likely rivals for the GOP nod will now have to double-down on their denunciations of Democrat Barack Obama’s two-term presidency. As we see HERE, these Republicans will have to ignore or try to explain away how Obama has: 1. Proved trickle-down economics are wrong, again; 2. Proved we can expand...

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Great News! Ted Cruz will be first to formally announce bid for GOP presidential nomination!

The first full week of spring could hardly bring happier news for us liberals than word that Sen. Ted Cruz, the charmless Republican from Texas, will announce on Monday that he’s officially a candidate for the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential nomination. Even Cruz’s choice of location for his big announcement is delicious — Liberty University, the Virginia school founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell. You remember Jerry Falwell, don’t you? He was the televangelist who blamed America for the attacks of Sept....

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America’s gay populace fairly evenly distributed among metro areas

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that the San Francisco metropolitan area (above) has the highest percentage of the adult population who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) of any of the top 50 U.S. metropolitan areas. After all, the Bay Area has long been known as a gay area — or at least more so than other cities. But it might surprise you to learn that San Francisco is not a whole lot more gay than most of the other big metro areas of the country. One big surprise, however is that the Chicago area is...

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Ignoring climate change is expensive, not frugal

Some Republican politicians seem to think that America simply can’t afford the expense of efforts to preclude the effects of climate change caused by global warming. U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a New York Democrat, argues that America can’t afford not to undertake those efforts. HERE‘s her column on the matter: The United States federal government spends more than $3 million every hour putting out fires and responding to extreme weather events. That figure will continue to grow as the prevalence of natural disasters increases...

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