Trump’s claim that he’s not a politician is sheer nonsense

  Of all the falsehoods peddled by Donald Trump in his campaign for the presidency, the falsest — yet perhaps most effective — has been his claim that he’s “not a politician.” Anyone who believes that whopper simply doesn’t understand the true meaning of the word “politics.” You’re familiar, I’m sure, with the old joke about the first indication that a politician is lying is when his lips are moving. But what can we say about a politician whose first really big lie is his claim...

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Will there be violence if Trump loses?

  I’ve been following presidential elections fairly closely for 56 years now, but I’ve never before had cause to worry about outbreaks of violence when the votes are all counted. Donald Trump and some of his followers have changed all that. Much of Trump’s campaign oratory has included allusions to violence. He’s encouraged people at his rallies to physically attack dissenters in their midst. He’s promised to cover the legal expenses incurred by people who follow this advice. He’s spoken at least twice...

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Trump’s graceless retreat from Birtherism only hurts him

  The mainstream media got played by Donald Trump this morning — not for the first time, but perhaps once too often and far too cynically. The Donald might come to regret it. Trump has long been the principal purveyor of the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and therefore is not qualified to be president. The claim was thoroughly debunked years ago, but Trump has never formally disowned it — until today. However, the manner in which he did so was begrudging, dishonest, graceless and not...

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Persecution of American Christians is a myth

  To hear some people tell it, Christians in America are facing relentless persecution these days. But it’s not true. Religious freedom in America remains far greater than anywhere else in the world. The problem is that some Christians are offended by an increase in the number of non-Christians in our populace. Writing in the magazine Christianity Today, no less, Ed Cyzewski says THIS: Overall, America is shifting to include more religious minority groups and more people who self-identify as atheists or religiously unaffiliated....

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Hillary’s so-called horrible weekend wasn’t so bad after all

  The consensus among political pundits in recent days seems to be that two separate occurrences last weekend have represented setbacks in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Nonsense. Neither of these matters has done Clinton any lasting harm. More likely, they have helped her. Let’s examine these situations in chronological order. The first occurred last Friday when Hillary said this at a fundraiser: “[Y]ou could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist,...

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Should voting be mandatory in America?

  A few years ago, William A. Galston, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, recommended that several of our states experiment with the idea of requiring by law that citizens participate in the democratic process of self-government. It hasn’t happened yet, but the idea likely persists in some quarters. Jury duty is mandatory; why not voting? The idea seems vaguely un-American. Maybe so, but it’s neither unusual nor undemocratic. And it would ease the intense partisan polarization that weakens our capacity for...

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