Boiling the so-called IRS scandal down to its essence

Paul Waldman NAILS IT: Not to let facts intrude on their paranoid fantasies, but let’s not forget what the IRS scandalette actually involved. There’s never been any credible allegation that anyone was audited because of their political beliefs. There’s never been any allegation that the IRS “targeted” donors to Republican super PACs. The worst thing that happened was that some Tea Party groups that had applied for 501(c)(4) status—claiming, utterly falsely, that they were charitable, non-political organizations,...

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Globally, the second quarter of this year was the hottest on record

Here in America’s heartland, we had a fairly cool spring season this year — but the world as a whole decidedly did not. The story is HERE: You may recall that the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) reported last month that March-May was the hottest in more than 120 years of record-keeping. Well, the JMA reported Monday that last month was the hottest June in more than 120 years of record-keeping. That makes 3 straight record-breaking months for JMA — the hottest second quarter on record. It also means we had the hottest March-June...

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Gomer Gohmert calls for war against invading army of pre-teen children, most of whom are girls

The competition is stiff, but Rep. Louie Gohmert, the Texas Republican, is still ahead in the race for the title of Dumbest Member of Congress. HERE‘s his latest offensive: In a floor speech that was almost entirely overlooked somehow, Gohmert went full Buck Turgidson, suggesting that Texas use the authority granted by the U.S. Constitution to engage in a shooting war to fight off the undocumented immigrant children entering Texas. “Even with $3.7 billion that’s requested, there’s no way for what’s being called for is going to...

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Report: Thanks to Obamacare, federal spending on health care is declining

Don’t tell your right-wing friends about THIS. It will only confuse them. The growth of federal spending on health care will continue to decline as a proportion of the overall economy in the coming decades, in part because of cost controls mandated by President Obama’s health care law, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said on Tuesday. The budget office said in its annual 25-year forecast that federal spending on major health care programs would amount to 8 percent of gross domestic product by 2039, one-tenth of a percentage...

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Public support for impeaching Obama is no higher than it was for Bush seven years ago

Every once in a while, I come across a public-opinion survey that should have, but didn’t,  ask respondents whether they think most Americans agree with them on the matter at issue. You see, there’s a tendency among some folks to think that most people agree with them on political issues. I would love to see a poll, for example, in which respondents are asked a two-pronged question: 1. Should President Obama be impeached? 2. Do you think most Americans agree with you on this matter? It’s my guess that many, if not most,...

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Here’s how to get reluctant voters off their lazy, apathetic butts

Political scientists will tell you that people of certain demographic groups — the young and the poor, to cite two examples — vote less frequently than folks in certain other groups. Which raises a question posed HERE by Melissa Michelson: Is it possible to mobilize people who are otherwise uninterested in voting or reluctant to vote?   We now have good answers to these questions.  People who have not participated much before can indeed be moved to go to the polls. What really mobilizes these voters is repeated personal...

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