Fanatical devotion to your hometown pro sports teams is weird

      Much of the population of Cleveland, Ohio, is especially happy today because the city’s professional basketball team won the league championship last night. I’m glad for those folks — but only to a point. I, too, am an enthusiastic fan of certain sports teams, mainly those from Chicago — the Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks. But I don’t get carried away about it, at least not anymore. Thirty-two years ago this coming October, I let myself become unduly upset when Cubs first-baseman...

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If you don’t see that Trump is finished, you’re more delusional than he is

    After a year of making bad predictions about Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, here’s where I finally get everything right: He’s finished. He’s toast. There is no chance on earth that he’ll ever reside in the White House. He might not even win the Republican nomination. In the past few weeks, and especially in recent hours and days, Trump’s political fortunes have taken a profound, virtually irreversible, turn for the worse. It would take a political miracle unprecedented in American...

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No, guns will not be allowed at the Republican Convention

  Perhaps the most predictable example of hypocrisy we’re likely to hear from the podium at next month’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland will be the oratory about the evils of gun control. As I understand it, the Secret Service, under color of its responsibility to protect certain important people,  won’t allow the carrying of firearms in the convention hall. We’ll see whether any of those protected people will be so hypocritical as to complain about the protection. It’s still not clear whether...

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Trump has a sleazy habit of quoting what “a lot of people are saying”

  All through the 12 months Donald Trump has been campaigning for president, he has regularly employed a certain dirty trick with which he passes along scurrilous theories and baseless allegations without actually taking ownership of them. He simply labels such garbage as things “a lot of people are saying.” You may not have noticed this strategy, but a growing number of journalists and pundits are blowing the whistle. Jenna Johnson of The Washington Post, for example, says this: Trump frequently couches his most...

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Are you a real American? A typical American? An average American?

  While digging through my treasure trove of past writings, random clippings and other stuff this morning, I came across some demographics that raise questions about how you might think of yourself and your country. Are you a real American? That is, do you represent the typical or average resident of this country? These are potentially tricky questions in that some people want to think of themselves as admirably representative of the nation’s populace, while some other folks regard themselves as above average in most respects....

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Did Orlando shooter have his own gay urges?

  The father of the guy who shot and killed scores of men at a gay nightclub in Orlando the other night said yesterday that his son became especially enraged a few years ago at the sight of two men kissing. This suggests to me that the shooter perhaps suffered from a certain form of homophobia — a form that’s not uncommon, according to scientific studies. Wikipedia puts it this way: Some studies have shown that people who are homophobic are more likely to have repressed homosexual desires.[ In 1996, a controlled study of 64...

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