Militia types highly excited over Nevada rancher’s showdown with the feds

Weirdos from all over suddenly seem ready to lock and load in defense of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who doesn’t feel he should have to pay the same dirt-cheap fees everyone else pays for grazing rights on federal land. The right-wing blogosphere is ablaze with calls for militia-minded folks to prepare for what they hope will be a glorious battle with them evil gubmint varmints. Not surprisingly, Fox News also has taken up the cause, as we see...

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Have today’s seniors already paid for their Social Security and Medicare benefits? Not really!

Social Security and Medicare have been around for generations now, but lots of Americans — especially the beneficiaries — don’t understand how these programs actually work. This brings to mind my ill-fated stint as a talk-radio host in the 1990s. On occasion, just for sport, I would get elderly listeners riled up when I said that most of them were living on other people’s money — on welfare, as it were. At the time, Social Security beneficiaries who had been on the program for more than seven years had already...

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Almost awesome in its evilness

There are a lot of bad apples in the world of politics, as virtually every American readily recognizes. But some are far worse than others. Some are downright spiteful and hateful. Paul Krugman SAYS a certain group of these malefactors has been exposed by their blind opposition to each and every provision of the Affordable Care Act: Republican governors and legislators are still in a position to block the act’s expansion of Medicaid, denying health care to millions of vulnerable Americans. And they have seized that opportunity with gusto:...

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This guy predicts that Chief Justice Roberts will be impeached — by history

The I-word — impeachment — is thrown around with reckless abandon these days, especially by right-wing types who have been bent on politically, if not literally, lynching Barack Obama from the day he moved into the White House. But historical impeachment, as opposed to the technical kind that falls within the jurisdiction of the U.S. House of Representatives, is another matter. It happens all the time. History is a hard-nosed  judge. It can even posthumously condemn a chief justice of the United States. Roger Taney of Dred Scott...

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Prominent right-wing pundit says Americans are tired of GOP haranguing about Benghazi

Charles Krauthammer, a Fox News Channel regular and a conservative columnist for the Washington Post, won’t concede that the so-called Benghazi scandal has always been a proverbial dog that won’t hunt, but he’s advising Republicans to give  up the fight. For more than a year now, GOP lawmakers and the right-wing noise machine have investigated the Benghazi matter to death, but they haven’t found any smoking gun that would bring down the Obama administration. Hence, Krauthammer SAYS it’s time to throw in the...

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Study shows that half of us believe in at least one conspiracy theory

A funny thing about conspiracy theories is that you can invent one out of the blue and some people will tell you they’ve already heard about it. Some will even say they think it’s true. A couple of researchers at the University of Chicago, Eric Oliver and Thomas J. Wood,  did that very thing. They concocted a conspiracy theory about how the government is mandating fluorescent light bulbs because they make people more obedient and easier to control. Oliver and Wood subsequently conducted a survey on the matter, 17 percent of...

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