Gov. Rauner, not everyone in Illinois is a heartless, bigoted coward

In the wake of the terrorism last week in Paris, Gov. Bruce Rauner has declared that “the state of Illinois will temporarily suspend accepting new Syrian refugees and consider all of our legal options pending a full review of our country’s acceptance and security processes…” Rauner need not pretend that this policy is merely cautionary. Rather, it’s a sop to the xenophobes and paranoiacs among us. It flies in the face of the finest of American principles. As an editorial from Bloomberg puts it: [T]he American system...

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Yipes! Oldest Baby Boomers will turn 70 in January!

Don’t look now, but members of the generation that profoundly changed the culture and mores of America and the rest of the Western world — for better or worse — in the latter half of the 20th century are getting pretty old these days. The so-called Baby Boom Generation is widely defined as those people who born between Jan. 1, 1946 and Dec. 31, 1964, the 18 years after the end of World War II. That means that New Years Day of 2016 will be the 70th birthday for the oldest of these people. Even critics of this demographic...

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Some Republicans worry that Trump and Carson pose a great danger to the GOP

More than a few political pundits, including me, have been wrong in expecting that the crazy presidential candidacies of Donald Trump and Ben Carson would have been deflated before now. Instead, these two erstwhile political outsiders keep rolling along, beguiling a sizable segment of the Republican electorate with simple-minded pseudo-solutions to the nation’s problems. Granted, the Democrat in me relishes the thought that one of these two boobs will be the GOP standard-bearer next fall. But I still think that more sober-minded...

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Remember the good old days before all this social and political turmoil?

Whenever I hear people pine for the days when America was more peaceful and not torn by all these social and political squabbles, I want to shake them and tell them they’re just dreaming. Such idyllic times were rare, if you really think about it. The big difference is that there wasn’t so much media in the old days — no Internet, no all-news TV channels, no social media, no smart phones, no means of always staying abreast of everything going on all over the world. This lack of ubiquitous media didn’t mean that there...

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A few thoughts on Veterans Day

While it’s true that U.S. military personnel have been indispensable to the defense of American freedom, it’s also true that our brave men and women in uniform have been dispatched from time to time on ignoble misadventures that have not done our nation proud. This distinction is especially important to remember on Veterans Day. It is well and good to laud our veterans for their service, and it’s not their fault that our political leaders have sometimes deployed them in situations that should have been avoided. A classic...

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In the end, Republicans might lament court ruling against Obama’s immigration plan

By a vote of 2-to-1, a federal appeals court in New Orleans has ruled against President Obama’s executive action deferring the deportation of millions of parents of U.S. citizen children or of lawful permanent residents. Republicans likely are happy about this decision — but they shouldn’t be.  Their chances of winning the presidency next year might be significantly diminished if Democrats can further rouse Hispanics to vote against the GOP ticket. Greg Sargent explains HERE: [S]ince this could now be decided by the Supreme...

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