Arguments favoring Electoral College are lame

  For more than two weeks now, Americans have been debating the relative merits of the Electoral College — as if there were any merits. The simple fact that proponents of the electoral  system cannot avoid is that it makes the votes of some people count for more than those of certain other people. That makes it fundamentally un-American. But that’s all right with most conservatives. After all, it allowed Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton despite his having garnered more than two million fewer votes from the general...

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Cheer up! The happy season is at hand

  Have the prospects of a Donald Trump presidency bummed you out? Has the rise of the alt-right movement brought on a wave of the blues? Have you become convinced that American politics are on the verge of terminal madness and that society is on the brink  of collapse? Well, social research suggests that relief, temporary though it may be,  is on the way. Happy days will soon be here again, political trends not withstanding. Studies show that the three major holidays of the season — Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s...

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Reminder: The War on Christmas starts this Friday

    The day after Thanksgiving is not just Black Friday, the start of the holiday shopping season. It’s also opening day of the annual War on Christmas — or perhaps I should call it the War on the War on Christmas. There is no actual War on Christmas, at least none that should concern us. But there is a fevered battle against an imaginary War on Christmas, with Fox News Channel leading the charge. Phony as it is, I love the War on Christmas. It lays bare the persecution complex among certain Christians who seem to think...

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No, we need not respect Donald Trump’s presidency

  A conservative panelist on one of the cable news channels — CNN, I think it was — said the other day that all good Americans should “respect” Donald Trump’s impending presidency. Sorry, pal, but “respect” is exactly the wrong word. I’ll only acknowledge that Trump will soon be inaugurated as our 45th president, but I’m not ready to respect him in any way, shape or form — and with plenty of good reason. For starters, he finished second to Hillary Clinton in the popular vote, by...

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Should I apply for a job with the Trump team?

  You may have noticed that a few people who have denounced Donald Trump in no uncertain terms — Mitt Romney, for example — are now under consideration for appointment to important jobs in the new administration. Last spring, Romney called The Donald “a fraud” and “a phony,” among other things. But now the Mittster is said to be a possible appointee to the post of secretary of state. Certain other erstwhile critics of Trump are similarly situated. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who bad-mouthed the...

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Don’t expect an especially snowy winter this year

  Without bothering to check the weather forecasts for the coming winter season here in the nation’s heartland, I’m guessing that we won’t see the heavy snows so many of us remember from decades ago. We’re in the latter half of November now, and I’m sure the news wires are carrying plenty of official and semi-official predictions of the weather we can expect once winter arrives. But I’m studiously avoiding such stuff. Rather, I’m looking only at the big picture in trying to make a point...

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