Toot your horn Rockford….

Last night SJTI hosted the SAE for a tour and dinner meeting.  Needless to say we wowed them with the new technology…we’ve become quite the “geek” location. All of the attendees were from large companies with sister companies all over the
USA, the world. As they left each person said they were surprised this type of “thing” was going on in a “Small Company” in
Rockford! It has been our experience that some people in manufacturing think they have to leave town for anything “Specialized” or “Precision”…Rock River Valley Manufacturers we have not done a good enough job selling to our neighbors! There are exciting “new” things going on here! I have been selling my company, and the Regional capabilities, in (7) states over the last five weeks…who would have thought my own back yard needed the sales call! Do we need to have a “Rock River Valley Technology Fair?” Educating about our micro-machining and multi-axis laser technology or new innovative projects going on right here? More than the Angels group need to know!



  1. Teresa: Just a bit deeper insight into what you’re talking about might help in the education.
    What is SJTI? What is SAE?
    What are the practical applications of the micro-machining and multi-axis laser technology? Who uses these techniques and for what?
    And what companies locally, just a hint at one or two, make these things?

  2. Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. is the name of Teresa’s company

    Society of Automotive Engineers, a local chapter of the national SAE

    Micromachines are located at the Eigerlab as well as company locally called Atometric. It is a new field of “super small” part machining.

    You could arrange a visit there and see them first hand and talk to the experts if you’d like. Here’s a link to their site….