Business Owners Disagree with Obama on This One

This is a real stretch…President Obama says:

If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

I can assure you that many business owners disagree! In my case, my partners and I put up cash, borrowed money from the bank with my house as collateral for the loan and we started and developed our business.  No help from the government whatsoever.

Where does he come up with this ridiculous statement?

For a guy who never ran anything or worried about making payroll or getting sales, he has no clue about what makes business happen.








  1. Bob: This matter first came to the attention of the right-wing media when Fox News deceptively edited Obama’s remarks. (Big surprise there, right?).

    Read about it here:


  2. Fact is, O did say:
    “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” he said.
    Fact is, I and many others did what I describe in my blog.
    Fact is, O never ran any thing; a business, a city or a state.

  3. AmazingScott

    Well, if you guys are so cognitively impaired that you don’t *get* it- I have been a small biz owner in Rockford for 16 years; I built it from the ground up, working 18 hours a day 7 days a week. I would never have made it if it weren’t for my family and friends who supported me and referred customers to me, my employees who have moved metaphorical mountains and helped me to succeed, and fine customers like one local bank that continued buying from us even when our (out of town) competition started offering the same product for free (because our service is second to none).

    Yes it’s my business and I busted my hump to build it, but I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for those good people, and that means I owe them something- the best price, product and service that I can deliver, and help out the next guy when I see the need. You can twist the President’s words all you want but if you fail to understand some of the simple basics of business you really ought to just close up shop now and save yourself the trouble…

  4. I don’t know what context would make that less insulting. Obama would probably consider ACORN a legitimate business.

  5. Craig Knauss

    Bob, you and your partners created your business organization, but your customers created your business. Just how long would you guys have stayed in business if you were your only customers? You would have been like Enron – selling stuff to itself. That worked real well, didn’t it?

  6. I realize that employees, customers, family help to make a business. But when Obama makes it sound like it takes government to make it and that I didn’t make it, well, that crosses the line. His remarks appeal to those who are becoming more entitled and expectant that government will take care of them.

  7. AmazingScott

    No, it sounds like some chronic liars have twisted his words in an attempt to appeal to people who don’t have the intelligence to understand the difference between a socialized program and National Socialism. It sounds like a lot of dumb people have fallen for it again. If you really want t be rid of a nanny government then let’s talk about getting rid of the DHS & TSA instead of quibbling over one twisted line in a minor speech that has been taken completely out of context…

  8. wilson

    Well if Bob created a business and sat on his ass with an inferior product, whose fault would it be that it failed? A show of hands of you who frequent a restaurant that has lousy food and service?
    No one forces you to buy a product, you do so willingly because there is a benefit to be realized.
    So who built Bob’s company and why was it successful?

    “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

  9. Craig Knauss

    I now live in a rightwing community that gets over $2 billion a year from the Dept of Energy alone. Add to that money from DoD, FAA, Dept of Ag, FHWA, VA, etc. and this area gets billions per year. And yet we have a bunch of rightwing whiners screaming that government spending is hurting them and some even claim they get no benefit from the tax money – even though many of their customers are government contractors, employees, etc. Obama never said the government does it all, he just said it takes more than one person to make a business successful, even for rightwing whiners.

  10. wilson

    Obama said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Unrestrained spending and waste by the government (which both parties are guilty of) is hurting the country.
    I think he said “you didn’t build it”, not it takes more than one person to make it successful which he probably should have said, but unfortunately it looks as though he spoke what he thinks.

  11. The overtones of his making it sound like nothing happens without government is the real message and that we business owners owe the government more than what we are already paying to support those who do not support themselves. His speech in Texas yesterday was a poor “clarification” of last Friday’s speech.
    Let’s face it, he is trying to demonize business and build a bigger central government to control more of our lives.

  12. AmazingScott

    “Let’s face it, he is trying to demonize business and build a bigger central government to control more of our lives.” HA! Funny stuff! You know they have medication for that kind of irrational paranoia…

  13. SmallBusiness Lady

    “The president’s remarks also provide further evidence of his plan to divide our country,” he said. “Workers against bosses, the haves and the have-nots, the 1 percent versus the 99 percent. This is the type of class warfare rhetoric that will, without a doubt, unravel the greatness and unity of our country..” N.Y. — Rep. Michael Grimm (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn)

    Pretty much what I stated after hearing his idiot remarks.

  14. Just another flaw in his “leadership” skills

  15. wilson

    Bob, this is what our president was referring to.
    Get with the program, you risking your money to start a business is foolish.
    Gotta love it it sounds like both parties have a hand in it.

  16. As a business owner and one who represents many other business owners in my practice, I saw Obama’s comments as incredibly insulting. The fact is, Obama did say “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” I read the rest of his speech so I understand the context it was put it. Fox News didn’t spin it. It was clear in his comments he has no respect for the small business person and truly believes that government makes everything happen. And it’s not just the two sentences above that are worrisome; the speech was yet another revelation of Obama’s true feelings about business’s role in the US economy. That is what is most frightening to me.