Community Volunteers Still Needed for RPS 205 Academies

RPS 205 and community members met for the first time this week to begin planning the four Academies.  The two areas where volunteers are still needed are the College and Career Readiness Council and the Academy Support Teams. Here is a previous post that describes the Academies.
Here are the descriptions:

College and Career Readiness Council
ROLES:  An ambassador and resource to connect community with district leadership
•Advise so that curriculum meets college-readiness  and professional standards
•Recruit and maintain academy support teams
•Advise on facility and equipment needs
•Identify essential industry and business skills for integration into curriculum
•Support equitable resource distribution among high schools/academies
•Monitor community support and student performance outcomes
•Collaborate to garner support from public and private grant sources
•Identify gaps between workforce needs and workforce competencies for curriculum alignment
•Connect industry clusters to district administration

Academy Support Teams
ROLES: An ambassador and resource to connect community with teachers and students.
Develop annual academy project(s) with business or other community organizations
Connect school staff and students with local community organizations
Facilitate work-based and service learning opportunities
Arrange teacher externships
Support equitable resource distribution between academies and pathways
Identify and communicate unmet academy needs to CCRCs
Support school sponsored parent awareness & involvement activities to increase parent and student expectations/aspirations
Development of in- and out- of school student learning experiences

Volunteers who are interested should sign up by clicking on the ITP tab at www.alignmentrockford.com or contact any of the following:
Diane Peters:  dianepeters@alignmentrockford.com
David Carson:  david.carson@rps205.com