Thayer Lighting: Poised for Exponential Growth

A large percentage of businesses that experience exponential growth also experience substantial growing pains. Patti Thayer of Thayer Lighting (TL) was all too familiar with this scenario when she read an article in the Rockford Register Star that shared information regarding EIGERlab’s (EL) CTeam efforts. CTeam is a core group of professionals both at the EIGERlab and from the community that specialize in assisting businesses with growth, expansion and the pressing concerns that keep them awake at night.

After Patti inquired about participating in the CTeam process, her goals to move her business to the next step were accelerated. Brian McIntyre with RVC’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) assisted her with TL’s SWOT analysis, creating a vision and other nuances that need to be in place in order for a company to move from a stage one size company (1-10 employees) to a stage two size company.

Patti shared, “I’m really excited in regards to TL’s potential for growth, and would highly recommend that any company owners who are forecasting rapid growth, contact the group of professionals at the E-L and the SBDC. They assisted us with stepping outside the day-to-day execution of our business to regain our focus in terms of implementing our short-term and long-term plans.”  These steps have assisted TL to more efficiently handle the growth they are experiencing by partnering with ComEd to participate in two key programs: Small Business Energy Savings (SBES) and Smart Ideas (SI).

At present, TL is in the top 8% of ComEd’s SI Program and the top 2% of their SBES Program. TL has assisted local companies such as Benson Stone with executing these programs, resulting in factors that affect the bottom line, including phenomenal electricity savings—a record $1300 per month. Patti stated, “There are also associated cost-savings benefits that aren’t top of mind. Since the bulbs burn at a lower temperature, this dramatically lowers a company’s air conditioning bill, and another not so obvious savings is the time and effort it takes to order and install bulbs—these bulbs last twenty times longer.”

Patti stated, “To hire a team of experts that could assist a company to accelerate and implement the essential steps for growth would be a substantial investment. The CTeam and SBDC services are offered at no cost which is phenomenal news for the bottom line.”

Article courtesy of EIGERlab and Chamber Voice magazine