Defense Sequestration Economic Impacts on Local Region

The Center for Security Policy has posted new Congressional District Reports to help estimate the potential local economic impacts of the ten-year $500 billion in cuts to the nation’s defense budget under Sequestration.  The reports are free and available online to the public at http://forthecommondefense.org/districts.

To view today’s additional new release (Version 2.60) of the detailed reports with 2011 data showing the 18% Sequestration cuts for all U.S. states and territories, counties and cities go to http://forthecommondefense.org/reports .

Review of the 16th Congressional District Reports show the details of each local manufacturing company that will be impacted.  The total amounts to $196,095,044.  That’s a lot of contracts in just this region that could get cancelled.

Do you suppose Congress and the President will do something to avoid job losses?



  1. Really? You deleted my comment from yesterday? That pointed out the US defense budget is greather than the combined budgets of the next 15 countries on the list. That also pointed out that the GOP has no problem subsidizing the military/industrial complex but can’t stomach the idea of providing basic health care to its citizens. If you and your Repub brethren are really serious about cutting expenses, you’re gonna have to take a whack at defense and that will be painful for the region.

  2. Sorry Monkey, I’ve had a big run of spam so your must have gotten mixed in…..