RPS 205 Needs to Upgrade Heating Plants and Reduce Costs

Did you know the average age of the boilers in the district is 40 years old? Did you also know three schools — East, West and Lincoln — account for 25 percent of the district’s natural gas costs? Did you know that RPS 205 workers once shoveled coal into these boilers?  Here is what they look like:

1939 Boiler at Washington School






That is why mechanical upgrades in our 10-year facilities plan are critical to making our schools 21st Century Learning Environments.

In August, the Rockford School Board took an historic step forward when they unanimously approved a $139 million dollar bond referendum be placed on November’s ballot. If passed, the referendum will finance long overdue improvements and maintenance, affecting every single school in the district. The funds will allow the district to address issues such as 73-year-old heating boilers, a lack of adequate electrical and plumbing needs, cracked windows, and other deficiencies while also rebuilding our schools with additions, improvements and technology to support 21st Century Learning, one of the district’s five Readiness Rocks goals to improve the district. The Rockford School Board unanimously approved putting this referendum on the ballot because they believe passing this referendum is absolutely crucial to the school district’s future.

This is one of the many examples that I will be posting that shows why passing the Bond Referendum on November 6th is so important.

Vote “Yes For Kids”



  1. Denny Wallace

    #1 I 100% agree with passing the School Referendum to play catch-up on overdue maintenance

    #2 However, I disagree there is only a Yes you agree with the refrendum or No you don’t point of view.

    #3 Of the $139 million dollars of Bond Aprroval Money, we really don’t know how much of the money is targeted towards “catch-up maintenance” vs adding Auxillary HS Gyms, indoor running tracks..

    AGAIN… I agree the High Schools were designed and built before Title X rules required equal number of Girls Sports as the Boys… i.e. We are frequently scrambling for practice space for HS Athletic programs.

    But Again, it’s not simply yes or no vote… I’m sure the AD’s comments would be taken back about justifying the need for $70 million investments at HS tied to the “dozen or so times per year when Coaches (were inconvienced) to find practice space… Hey Gang… $70 million price tag is a pretty expensive option to correct this problem. (BUT HELL YES, HS need to be expanded… yet we MUST establish priorities to govern the endless wish lists when it comes to spending Taxpayers Money.

    JUST BECAUSE SOEMTHING IS A GOOD IDEA… Doesn’t mean we can afford to do it… + What about other Good Ideas that may be BETTER IDEAS…

    I suggest a BETTER IDEA than fixing 73-year-old heating boilers would be to build replacement Schools and tear down the those public school dinosaurs (East\Lincoln\West etc) that long ago became has-beens of 19th century Public Schools.

    I say reconsider the School Board Decisions to cut School taxes by 10%… and instead ask voters if they would prefer (in lieu of a 10% Tax Cut) that the School District (without raising Taxes) INVEST $400+ million into a 5 year program to build 15-20 NEW (and replacement) SCHOOLS + catch-up the on overdue maintenance of the School you don’t close (i.e. rebuild)?

    VOTE YES FOR THE KIDS doesn’t just = Voting yes for the current Facility Plan as (vaguely) outlined by the School District…

    I suggest… We need to THINK BIGGER… To include having the confidence Voters would gladly vote to keep their Taxes EXACTLY the same as they JUST PAID in 2011-2012 School Year… Yet get a GAME CHANGING RETURN on the Txes paid by Rockford Committing to Build 15-20 New Public Schools!

  2. Denny Wallace

    “…This is one of the many examples that I will be posting …”

    I sure hope your postings includes pictures from the Charter Schools, they are Public Schools too!

    What kind of condition is the old Evergreen School on Praire Road that Legacy pulled off the scarp heap?

    Same for the old Galapagos who is working out of the castaway Catholic School on School Street?

    Are we going to see pictures of the Charter School overdue mechanical upgrades? Oops… I forgot, they aren’t included in the Public School 10 year Facility Plan… I guess the Adminsitration planning efforts for Charters = Plan for Charter School FAILURE by failing to plan…

    Wish we heard even an inkling of a reason to believe differently…