Paying It Forward Pays Off

Being a team player—“paying it forward,” certainly paid off for Joe Altenhoff, owner of Arc Design Resources (ADR). Little did Joe know that when he said yes to partnering with EIGERlab’s CTeam in its effort to assist regional businesses, ADR would also benefit from the CTeam’s expertise.
Joe fully understands that his formal training was directly related to engineering, not business management. After he learned of the CTeam resource and other business development-related programs that exist to assist with expansion and growth, he was excited regarding the potential for his own business. The results of step one, the assistance provided by the CTeam and its colleagues—a key group of regional professionals—was a powerful list of strategies that addressed key issues that kept him awake.
Once the CTeam’s core list of strategies for ADR were implemented, Joe took the second step; utilizing EIGERlab’s Strategic Actions Program, which assisted him with defining new opportunities. This program focuses on identifying the short-term strategies and tactics necessary to implement initiatives and realize results in short timeframes. Joe truly believes that both steps, and most importantly, Strategic Actions are helping to take his company to the next level.
Joe stated, “This was a real eye-opening experience in many ways. This group of local professionals, including key players from EIGERlab, RAEDC and the SBDC, understand the regional economy, and can assist with helping entrepreneurs flourish, which in turn brings additional wealth to the region; benefiting all. I would strongly suggest to anyone who is interested in exponential growth, to contact EIGERlab to learn how they can be assisted with thinking outside the box and networking with key people both inside and outside our region.”

Joe Altenhoff and His Colleagues

Courtesy of the EIGERlab, printed in the October 2012 Voice