Should RPS 205 and Rock Valley College Track the Same Future?

As Isaac Guerrero reports today:

(Rock Valley College) Administrators have been collecting and crunching the data on student enrollment, academic achievement and community needs for months. RVC leaders will use the data to determine the best mix of academic programs and services to keep the two-year college relevant and attractive to students.

Rock Valley College trustees will receive an analyst’s dream in the next 30 days: a dizzying array of charts, graphs and data to help them chart a course for the community college’s future.

At the same time RPS 205 is deep in establishing four Career Academies in the schools starting with Jefferson High.  A lot of study, field trips, community input has been taken to get to this point.  The RPS school board has overwhelmingly approved the academies approach and many community members are involved giving their input to the administration as it develops the content of courses that will make up the “career pathways” in each Academy.

The four Academies are: Business, Arts, Marketing and Information Technology; Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial Trades and Technology; Human and Public Service; and Health Sciences.

It seems to me that there could be a natural progression from RPS 205 into RVC for those wishing to go onto college.  Maybe the approach RVC should take is to take advantage of the work the Alignment Rockford has done to assist in creating the Academy approach and make sure that they (RVC) offer follow-on courses for graduates of RPS 205.

Wouldn’t that fulfill the mission of a Community College: serving the needs of the community?  Maybe that’s what they are planning to do?