What the Heck is a Gymacafetoriums?

Did you know most of the elementary buildings in the Rockford Public Schools have “gymacafetoriums”? That’s like a gym and a cafeteria in the same room!

Did you know having to clean and set up these rooms eats into instructional time with students?

Did you know it’s essential to isolate these areas for community use while maintaining security for academic areas? That’s why banishing the “gymacafetorium” — and building separate spaces — is crucial to making our schools 21st Century Learning Environments.

To learn more, watch our video on the district YouTube channel.

A gymnasium at King Elementary School serves as a cafeteria and auditorium, too.

These and other improvements are part of the RPS 205 10 Year Facility Plan that is supported by the $139 million Bond Referendum.

Vote Yes for Kids on November 6th!


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  1. Dorien Peterson

    Yes, shared gyms, auditoriums, and cafeterias have been around for generations of grade-schoolers. Not in the higher grades. I don’t think cleaning or setting these areas up eats into any instructional time. It’s done by building maintenance or lunch room staff, not teachers. Community use of the building while we need security in the academic parts? Come on. Rarely is there a community event in a school and when there is, it’s not during school hours. As a rule, I’m ok with this constant harangue regarding the state of the school buildings, but this is carrying it a bit far. Shared space is economic. That’s what we need to maintain.