Cracks in Pavement, Asphalt and Curbs Need Repairing or Replacing

Did you know many Rockford Public Schools buildings have cracked and crumbling asphalt, pavement and curbs? See an example below.

Did you know the “hardscape” for 75 percent of our schools has five years of use left or less?

Did you know four in10 of our school buildings – on average 57 years old – still have the original blacktop and parking lots?

Did you know disrepair of walkways and lots is a major contributor to slips, trips and falls, which cost our district in claims every year?

That’s why upgrading these areas is critical to making our schools 21st Century Learning Environments.

To see the improvements that will be made at each school, check out this Interactive Map.

Vote “Yes for Kids” on the Bond Referendum November 6th!

The walkway on the south side of King School, between the playground and the parking lot.