Here’s a Look at a RPS 205 21st Century Learning Environment.

Did you know many Rockford Public Schools buildings were designed decades ago, when learning was driven by lectures?

Did you know that style has been replaced by a more interactive, technological-driven style, which demands open floor plans and highly mobile learning tools?

Did you know most of our buildings can’t accommodate the peer-to-peer and group participation mandated in the Common Core standards?

That’s why upgrading classrooms is critical to making our schools 21st Century Learning Environments.

To learn more about what RPS 205 schools could look like, go to this website where you will see all the schools and what the improvements will look like.

Don’t forget to vote “YES” for the $138 million Bond Referendum on November 6th!

Photo courtesy of Kingscott, a Michigan-based architectural, engineering and interior design group.