Learning in the Future of RPS 205

Did you know many Rockford Public Schools students put a computer lab at the top of their wish lists?

Did you know it’s hard to do effective computer instruction in the library and other cramped spaces of school buildings?

Did you know consultant John B. Lyons said the difference between a child learning in a modern, designed space and an outdated facility can be like the difference between “writing in the sand and surfing the Internet”?

Did you know Lyons said that in 2001 — yet, 11 years later, our district can’t move forward with flexible designs for technological learning?

That’s why computer labs and other updates are critical to making our schools 21st Century Learning Environments. To learn more about what our schools could look like, go to our web site: www.rps205.com.

Be sure to vote “Yes” for the Bond Referendum tomorrow!

Photo courtesy of Kingscott, a Michigan-based architectural, engineering and interior design group.