Look at the Cool Things We Do!

Jefferson High School was the location of the first RPS 205 Academy Expo and what a pep rally it was!  At the beginning of the afternoon expo that I attended, students entered the gymnasium through a double line of Industry Experts and teachers.  As they “high fived” their way into an opening introduction to the expo, the cheering and clapping was enough to get them all excited.  From this energetic start, I would say that this would be a successful event.  The two day expo introduced students to over 60 local organizations and careers that they could pursue in their high school studies. It is intended to help a student decide on his or her Academy that will lead them on a path of employment.

Each student had the opportunity to spend 10 minutes in two booths in each of the four academies; Business, Arts, Marketing & Information Technology; Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial & Trade Technology; Human and Public Services and Health Sciences.  This gave the student a look at 8 career choices.

Students could select two booths to visit in each academy that sounded like it would be of interest.  Once completing two visits they would move on to the next academy.  What made it more interesting is all exhibitors were required to make their presentations interactive so the the student could get involved with their product or service.  Students had to be inside the booth to learn about the various careers.

Evaluations by students, teachers and the industry professionals will be made shortly after this week is completed.  It will be interesting to see the results especially from the students.

Here are a few photos of some of the organizations: