A Tree of Memories

This weekend, we brought our Christmas Tree into the family room and began to get it decorated.  Yes, it’s an artificial one; we’ve had the real ones for years but in the recent past we went artificial.

The real important part of our tree are the ornaments. They are real and taken together, tell a story of our family history.  Starting with the hand made paper ornaments that were made by my sons when they were very young.  We have a small collection of these with the year neatly placed along with their name.  As they became older, we would purchase special ones for them and put their names on them and the year.

Then we have a small collection of ornaments given to us by our parents.  There are a few of them but we can still remember their origin and when we received them.  Next are the special ones we purchased through the years as we traveled or lived.  We’ve been fortunate to have visited many places in the U.S. as well as around Europe and England and these make up an interesting mixture of locations and cultures.  We always tried to get authentic, locally made and representing the town where they were acquired.

The hanging of the ornaments brings back many wonderful memories of our life and of our family.  When our sons come over they will inspect the tree and remember many of the ornaments and the memories behind them. When fully decorated, our tree is full of wonderful family memories.

A few years ago, there was some discussion of passing the ornaments that the boys made back to them. Up and back we went until we finally decided to keep them all.  Our tree wouldn’t be complete without the many years of collecting, saving and repeating the hanging process the following year.

I hope many of my readers have similar memories as we do of your tree!