Local Connection to Newtown, CT

All the media has been reporting the tragic deaths of so many students and adults, 1,000 from Rockford.  Yet  my connection to this tragedy is a bit unreal.

My youngest grandsons were in school about one hour from Sandy Hook Elementary School.  My son Jeff’s first text alerted me that the shootings were taking place as the situation was unfolding.  Our hearts sank, knowing how close my youngest grandsons were to this unfortunate event.  Jumping on the internet we stayed in constant communication as it developed.  He tried to get close to the scene, but roads were already blocked off.

Christmas has taken on a new perspective.  Jeff  and his wife decided that Christmas presents would be donations to the families affected.

Then I received  a  link to a story from Crystal Lake from my oldest son, Steve.  Turns out that his son Michael, a student at Prairie Ridge,  knows the cousin of the shooter!  Here is the story as reported in the  NorthWest Herald.

It’s hard to imagine the pain and frustration of those so close to the scene.  Yet, here I am in Rockford and closely connected to this tragedy.