What Are You Waiting For?

Like many others, I received the Spring 2013 Rock Valley College Community & Continuing Education catalog of courses.  I have looked through it in the past, but his time I paid more attention to the courses being offered in the technical fields, especially manufacturing.

And I wondered…how many unemployed or under-employed know what is available locally to improve their skills?

Yes, they have several courses on CNC (computer Numerically Control); Lathe and Mills both in Operations and Programming.  You can get a Certification through the National Institute for Metalworking Standards (NIMS) in various topic areas for CNC Machinists.

What about other manufacturing topics?  There are courses in Operations Management, Supply Chain Management and Scheduling & Planning.  This field also offers a Certification in Production and Inventory Management that can position one for a good career in a manufacturing company.

Machining not your cup of tea?  How about learning welding? RVC offers a Welding Program that is sure to get you a good job.

If these don’t appeal, how about learning Electrical Control Circuits.  All manufacturing plants run on electricity and need controls of all kind.  These courses can lead you into the Integrated Systems Technology area where many jobs will be available as the regions aerospace cluster expands and grows.

If you haven’t earned a high school diploma, a minimum requirement in today’s market, you can take GED classes that will help you pass a GED exam.

All these classes are available at low cost and right here in Rockford.  There should be no reason, why an unemployed or underemployed who wants to advance his or her livelehood, not to be able to do so.

For more details on courses, times and costs, see www.rockvalleycollege.edu/cce