Rockford Robotics Team 2039 Week Three Update

Our mechanical subteams have been hard at work. Students working on the drive train have cut spacers, assembled wheels, and sized and chained the ‘bot.

Other students are finishing the braces for picking up frisbees and are currently designing four bar linkages for climbing the tower.

The programming team completed a new drive train program that should improve robot acceleration and speed.

The CAD team is redesigning a customized gear box.

The electrical team is installing Victor motor controllers on the robot side panels. This will save us room in the electrical box.

Our goal is to complete the robot by week 5 so we can participate in pre-ship mock competition..



  1. Jade Harris

    I would like to join the robotics team in Rockford,Il could you please tell me is their any way that I could get info about the robotics team if so please reply to my email or call me at 1-779-772-2546. Please and thank you

  2. Jade, thanks, I will have someone from the Robotics team contact you.