Life Without a Newspaper

What would life be without a print edition of our local newspaper?

I know that the trending is to more e-editions especially for fast breaking news.  But what about the many people, such as my wife and I,  who rely upon actually holding a newspaper in their hands?  Every once in a while, we do experience the loss, as this morning with 5 inches of fresh snow which delayed delivery our our paper.

I’m sure we’re like other couples; computer literate yet still looking forward to the morning reading.  In our case, I’m up first and start to scan and read.  So when my wife comes to the table, cup of coffee in hand, we start the discussions of “what’s in the paper today”.  This usually leads to some back and forth discussion about an article or newsworthy item or even the top “Go” items.

Back and forth we go. But not this morning; NO Paper!  Snows delayed delivery. What do we do now, we said.  What would we do if we didn’t get one each day?  How would our early day life have to change?  What is life without coffee and a newspaper?  Just not the same as sitting in front of a PC or iPad.

I wonder if there are other couples that have the same thoughts?



  1. How else could I line the bottom of my birdcage with Cunningham’s pathetic column? 😉

    Seriously, I would miss an actual newspaper, to flip the pages back-and-forth. Using a computer or an I-pad just isn’t the same. Progress isn’t always pleasant.

  2. SNuss, thanks for the comment, even when I am away, I enjoy the feel of a real newspaper