Back Home and Enjoyed Coming Back

You might think me crazy, but after two weeks in sunny and warmer Florida, I am back in the Rockford area and I must admit, its nice to be back even with the cold and snow.

Besides spending time on the beach, I read two novels about Ancient Rome during centered around Cicero, the lawyer, politician, and author. Though a novel, most of the story contained real elements of history as well as historical characters.  It was also set during he middle of the collapse of the Republic of Rome. Not too dissimilar from our form of government.

At this time, around 65 B.C., the Republic of Rome was going through struggles to stay a republic. Politicians won their votes for office by bribes, completely different points of view between the aristocrats and the common people, infighting for control and power.

As historians will remember, civil wars were becoming common; Caesar, Pompey and eventually Augustus became sole ruler as emperor and the republic was no more.

Is this where we are headed?

I hope not.