Grow Through Strategic Actions Versus Strategic Planning!

Business consultants at both EIGERlab and the Small Business Development Center have a new tool to assist entrepreneurs in any stage of business. Growth Wheel (GW), a visual toolkit, assists entrepreneurs by building their businesses through a simple action-oriented process, determining which areas require their immediate focus.

GW is outcome oriented: Make Decisions, Take Action. Through analysis, planning, strategy and goals, the results received when utilizing the GW tools are decisions, actions, directions and milestones. EIGERlab recently incorporated GW into its day long Stateline FastPitch World Series workshop which included the winners from the three competitions held in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Paul Niedermann, owner of Prescient Audio, shared, “I enjoyed this year’s FastPitch World Series and the Growth Wheel training sessions that help us see clearly where we need assistance with growth and what to focus on.” As an alternative to writing a business plan, the GW tools are far less daunting. The process is broken down into much more palatable sections: business concept, customer relations, organization and operations. Counselors like its holistic 360° perspective, covered by its 20 focus areas.

Courtesy of: Sherry Pritz, Eigerlab