Vote Yes for School Bond Relief

The Citizens for School Bond Relief committee are Boone County voters who want to pass the referendum to raise the Boone County sales tax by 1% to help in paying down the District 100 and 200 bonds instead of solely through property taxes. Thirty-four individuals from across Boone County, co-chaired by Rob Funderburg, Debbie Carlson and Paul Ollman have been meeting for over a month collecting support for the referendum.

Why a 1% Sales Tax Referendum?

Money to fund schools has already been borrowed and needs to be repaid, regardless of the election outcome.  However, this sales tax will help lessen, not eliminate, Boone County property tax increases.

The sales tax would be on purchases made in Boone County thereby expanding the payee base. The tax would include non-Boone residents; whereas property taxes are only paid by Boone County Residents and property owners.

Even with the sales tax increase to 7.75%, Boone County sales taxes will be lower than nearby Rockford (8.25%) and equal to Cherry Valley (7.75%).  The tax would only be applied to general merchandise (i.e. clothes, furniture, etc.) prepared foods (i.e. restaurants), gasoline, auto parts & accessories.   It would not be applied to unprepared foods (i.e. groceries), medicine and titled vehicles (i.e. cars, motorcycles, etc.) and certain farm equipments and supplies.

Estimated revenue from this added tax is approximately $2.2 million by 2015; District 100 would receive approximately 80% and District 200 approximately 20%.  These funds can only be used for Capital Expenditures such as payment of existing bonds and other capital expenditures allowed by statutes. These funds cannot be used for salaries & overhead, direct instructional costs, textbooks, buses, detached furniture & fixtures, computers or operating costs. District 100 alone has $70,500,000 in bond debt.

Boone County voters will have the chance to vote on this sales tax referendum on April 9th.  As a Boone County resident and member of the Citizens committee, I encourage voters to vote YES!