Manufacturers Are Heroes, Engineers Are Rock Stars

The future is shaped by the people who make things. So said Jeremy Bout. speaker at last Thursday’s Annual Manufacturer’s Dinner/Expo.

Jeremy Bout is the Executive Producer/Producer and Host of The Edge Factor Show which is an action-packed and inspiring collection of video episodes “that unlock the exciting world of manufacturing”. In a time when manufacturing is greatly in need of an image overhaul, Bout and his crew provide a very cool view of manufacturing through engaging videos and interactive educational resources.

Prior to launching Edge Factor, Bout  worked for 12 years in design and tool engineering. He recognized the difficulty in conveying exactly what his work involved, in addition to the exciting things that went on in the world of manufacturing. On The Edge Factor Show’s website, Bout explains “I quickly realized how difficult it was to explain what I did, why it mattered and how it contributed to the world. The majority of the general public has a very limited understanding of how critical manufacturing is to our economy. The future of North America depends on people realizing that manufacturing is the backbone of our economy.”

The videos and materials are presented in a way that is exciting and fun and are designed to capture the attention of the next generation of manufacturers. Bout’s innovative and out-of-the-box appreciation for what interests and excites students about STEM results in an amazing and realistic view of how “extreme technology” is applied from both the manufacturing and end-user perspectives.

Who built it?; Who designed it?

Take a look at Jeremy’s show:  Edge Factor Show