Good Advice for Candidates

In this political campaign season, the volume of criticism begins to reach a crescendo about now.  Accusations, both real and fabricated, begin to distort reality. Wanna-be leaders take shots at incumbents and tell them how they’d do their job better, of course without any experience.

However, I was pleased to read this clip from the RRStar’s endorsement of Mike Chamberlain for Belvidere Mayor:

I used to call and chew on Fred Brereton on a regular basis,” Chamberlain said during an interview session that was seen on rrstar.com/ustream. “He challenged me: If you don’t like the way things are, get involved.

Mike Chamberlain answered that challenge by running for alderman. He said his assumptions about how things work at City Hall were proven wrong and he got an education in local government.

I thought this was pretty good for Chamberlain’s to make this admission.  The job always looks easy from the outside until you get in.

Too bad more candidates can’t learn from Chamberlain’s experience.