Rockford Robotics News

Rockford Robotics participated in a fierce competition with 52 other robots at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, IL this past weekend. While the majority of the teams were from Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, 3 came all the way from Turkey.

Our design strategy of being a tall cross-court powerful shooter with a quick 10-point consistent climb proved to be a good plan. Once King Cobra dialed into it’s target few other robots could block it. Several defensive bots tried to push us around but the upgraded ‘kick stand’ helped us stand our ground. While we were not selected to play in the final alliances; the number of points we scored alone in autonomous mode, tele-operated mode, and climbing was extremely respectful and one of the top scoring robots.

Thanks to all the work and preparation of our “Motherboard,” others noticed our team spirit in the stands. The bright green colors really stood out. The emcee named us the “Green Machine” and Wild Stang (Team 111) who dominated the Wisconsin Regional in March awarded Rockford Robotics with their prestigious Team Spirit Award.

All the teams in attendance expressed creativity in ‘advertising’ their team in unique ways. In particular, our sister team, The Flaming Monkeys, decorated their pit area like a tiki hut, complete with ‘scheduling’ tours of the ‘jungle’.

We were extremely proud to cheer on our ‘sister’ team, Winnovation, in the final round of the competition. The winners of the Midwest Regional included an elegant 30 point climber, a tall, strong cross-court shooter (like us) and a small quick defensive bot.

The Midwest Regional thanked Rockford Robotics for supplying a large number of adult and student volunteers. They helped with team queuing and at Spare Parts desk, and served as VIP Ambassadors.

The FIRST liaison committed that FIRST is in support of R2OC, Rock River Offseason Competition, that we are planning for August.   A number of teams and volunteers expressed interest in attending.