Rockford Robotics Heads To World Championships

Rockford Robotics received word last Thursday that they have been invited to participate in the 2013 FIRST World Championships April 25-27th at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

You will be able to watch the action here.

Other information bout the competition can be found at the US FIRST Championship website.

This summer, Rockford Robotics is one of the 5 local robotic teams that are planning a off-season competition, called Rock River Off-Season Competition (R2OC). A total of 24-30 teams from the Greater MidWest will be here at the Rock Valley College PEC.  Developing Rockford as a sanctioned competition site will allow bigger competitions to be held here thus avoiding the heavy travel expenses.  This will allow newer teams to start up with lower costs since travel consumes a big portion of their expenses.

In the meantime, GOOD LUCK Team 2039!!



  1. Mary Ann Brown

    Hi Bob. Thank you for your support for all the local area robotics teams (i.e Flaming Monkeys, us (Rockford Robotics), Winnovation, Stateline Robotics, and Freeport Metalheads). Team #2039 did a FANTASTIC job in St. Louis. We went in ranked #64 out of 100 in the Curie group but finsihed a very proud 22nd place. As a first time bot parent, we had a blast and enjoye meeting teams from all over the world. Moreover, it was great for us and the kids to meet the CEO and VP for Boeing’s PhantomWorks (Creators of the B-1B Lancer). We were able to discuss what they look for in future employees and what our kids need to do to get there.

  2. Mary Ann, thanks for the comment. I’ll bet the kids were fascinated to hear the PhantomWorks story!