Make it Loud in the Rockford Area for Rockford Robotics

Rockford Robotics was honored to compete in the US FIRST World Robotics Championship held in St. Louis recently.  This report from the team:

In addition to numerous Jr. Lego League, Lego League and First Tech Challenge teams, 400 FRC Robotics teams competed. At the end of Saturday’s 134 matches Rockford Robotics placed 22 overall in our division. Our drivers patiently waited as our robot was an alternate for the elimination rounds. The champion alliance consisted of a team from Texas, and two teams from Canada. While the winning teams were extremely well designed and constructed, we were surprised to see that there were few 30 point climbers in the finals.

In addition to the competition, there were sponsor and college exhibits, hands on activities, and information on career and scholarship opportunities.  SpaceX showed off one of their Merlin 1C rocket engines at the competition. This engine is on the Grasshopper, a rocket that can take off and land vertically in the same place.

Boeing brought a small flight simulator. When Team member Patrick tried it out, he landed a FA-18 Hornet perfectly on a carrier deck.  Lego demonstrated the fastest Rubix cube solver on the planet. It was made from Legos, controlled by a standard smart phone, and solved a Rubix cube in seconds.

Rockford Robotics appreciates the support of our fellow local teams! Members from Stateline Robotics, Winnovation, and The Metalheads came down to cheer us on. The Flaming Monkeys also sent us supportive texts and tweets.  We were part of a group photo with other GE sponsored teams. GE sponsors 54 teams around the world; 15 of them happened to be at the World Competition. The students all screamed “Thank You GE!” at the end of the photo shoot.

Rockford Robotics would like to welcome the new Plant Manager of the Belvidere Chrysler plant to our local First Community. Eric Schimmel is a seasoned FIRST mentor with Team 2137 he found us and introduced himself. Welcome Eric, we look forward to working with you.

To see the press release about the event and participants, click here.

What great enthusiasm from a great group of students, many of whom will be going on to engineering college.

Well done!!