Batter up: 2013 Stateline FastPitch Competition

It’s hard to believe that this year’s event will be the 7th annual Stateline FastPitch Competition! FastPitch will be held on Wednesday, June 19 at NIU-Rockford and is open to the public at 5:30 PM. Over the past six years, we’ve had an average of 48 people compete annually; totaling nearly 300 presenters. With the addition of the two Wisconsin events last year, which we assisted in facilitating, the competitions have attracted over 100 potential entrepreneurs in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin Region. If you’ve never attended a FastPitch event, please consider doing so. It’s somewhat like watching the television show “Shark Tank” only our judges are much nicer!
The 2012 Stateline FastPitch Competitions consisted of an interesting variety of winners including: MySecureDelivery, The “RAT”, miPact, Ink Again, Renwig Custom, MobCraft Beer, Prescient Audio, Accelerated Fastening, Novo Luggage and Environmental Health Concepts. Although FastPitch comprises companies at any stage, most of the 2012 winners were well beyond the “idea on a napkin” stage, some were already selling products or delivering services.

EIGERlab is delighted to share that two of the 2012 FastPitch presenters, NZ3 Inc. and Prescient Audio have national product launches slated within the next 90 days. This is indeed very exciting for our community and the region. NZ3 Inc.’s product is a revolutionary three position nozzle, a stand-out hairstyling tool that gives ultimate control with the utmost comfort for the user. Prescient Audio’s disruptive technology includes the thinnest, coolest, lightest loudspeakers you’ve ever seen in three markets—mobile audio, home audio and pro audio.

It’s exhilarating to watch a client, who has utilized EIGERlab’s tools, succeed. When entrepreneurs partner with EIGERlab’s group of professionals for both business and product development, including integrating the essential components of EIGER’s Center for Product Development—engineering, CAD drawings and 3D printing—the results are stunning. Many entrepreneurs find themselves ready to go to market within an amazingly short amount of time.

This year’s competitions will once again be a regional effort: Racine/Kenosha Counties’ FastPitch event is scheduled for September 21 (UW-Parkside) and Rock/Walworth counties’ event will be in the fall. Let’s play ball!