So how did a physical therapist who wanted to work with the boston celtics end up  working  with bowel/ bladder problems?

well you already  know im a plumbers  daughter  so  its in my DNA .

 several  years ago i  injured my back and as a result  i  would have some occasional leakage along with back and leg pain.

 I didn’t  directly injure the nerves that go to my bladder  but my “CONTAINER” BACK wall  became painful and weak.

 What i experience and have whitnessed as a therapist  is that people will started reflexively  protecting their body due to the pain.

 This can affect how a person sits or stands, creating alignment problems,  we all know what happens to our car if the alignment is off.

Pain is a built in warning signal like the red light in your car.

Its important to address  the painto prevent chronic problems.

  chronic pain overtime caused me to avoid or limit activities  and  exercise . Why?

 because  i  was attempting   to  conserve energy for work and  daily activities.

Chronic pain  can truly be a drain  but, if left untreated can be  the difference  between  existing verses  living.

So what is this therapist doing to live life?

I address  my back issues by do ing specific  exercises and moving MORE. I also taking time to meditate and conciously diaphrgam breath.

by doing this  i am strengthening my core container and   providing better  support for my bladder.

Both  movement and relaxation are  key for our bodies to run effeciently…and for our plumbing, both bowel and bladder.

so if you have experinced pain and have leakage or bowel issues there could be a  “link to your leak”.

 therapy is

a safe cost effective way

of addressing the problem. I know it has helped me which is why i work in the “human plumbing field”.,