Wanna Talk Turkey?

“The world is full of abundance and opportunity, but far too many people come to the fountain of life with a sieve instead of a tank car… a teaspoon instead of a steam shovel. They expect little and as a result they get little.”
~ Ben Sweetland

Do you expect all your needs to be met? What about your desires too? What if your life kept getting better and better?

Mine sure does. Yours can, too.

I have turkeys in my yard every day and just learned they are a sign of abundance. That delights me. I read that turkeys also represent generosity and awareness. Turkeys also represent new beginnings.

All that rings true for me. My self-awareness increases daily and as I tap into that, my cup overflows. I love the new beginnings of my life.

One website states: “When the turkey visits us, it is a sign to be mindful of the blessings bestowed upon us each day. Further, it is a message to express our strength and brilliance – it’s time to show our own plumage and reveal our true selves.”

That is the nature of my work. As I express my true self, I work with others to gain the courage to express their brilliance. The results are amazing and awe inspiring.

My life and my abundance continues to expand. Yours can too. I recently wrote my weekly newspaper column on a variation of this theme. An excerpt:

“Oh my gosh, I used up the heat. Oh dear, I used up the last of the air conditioning.
Honey, you breathed all the air, now it’s all gone.”

We understand the concept of abundance in certain areas. We cannot exhaust the supply of air. You never monitor your daily intake of oxygen, in fear that you used more than your share.

The same goes for love. No supply, no quota, no ration. There are no units doled out and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Love is abundant.

I had a baby. I loved him beyond anything I had ever known. I had a second baby. Did I tell him, “Sorry, I gave all my love already, there is none for you”? Of course not.

A mother of one or a mother of ten has love for everyone. People who have remarried know that love is amazing the next time around too. If you break up with your lover, you may fret about finding a new mate, but you don’t fret that the world ran out of love and you will never have any more ever again.

If I love 101 people, you can only love 99 people because I took an extra unit of love from the heap. That’s silly, right?

I can love a million people and you can love a million people. My loves do not diminish your love. We all can love. The world will never run out of love.

When it comes to money, do you think the same way? Most people don’t. When it comes to money, people get all tangled up in fears and worries, instead of believing in the abundance available to all.

The world will never run out of money. (Let’s not talk about Greece or Spain here.) Stay with me. I can make a million dollars. You can make a million dollars. My million does not affect yours. There is no allotment. There is no universal banker keeping tick marks.

When Bill Gates made a million bucks, we didn’t say, “Dang him, now there’s no money left for me!” Bill can make millions, Warren Buffet can make millions, Donald Trump can make millions. There’s still money. The world didn’t run out of money.

Wealth is like air or love. There is enough for everyone.

We tend to think that a life of abundance is only for some people, “other people.” Why not start to think that wealth can be for all, just like love or breathing.

I can fall in love, breathe the air, and make oodles and gobs of money. It does not take away from your ability to fall in love, breathe the air, and make oodles and gobs of money. There is love, air, and money for all.

There is enough for everyone.

If I am happy, that does not mean you have to be sad. It’s not like we count off by two’s and the ones get to be happy and the twos are miserable. Happiness is limitless. So is wealth. It’s available for all.

We show up with a teaspoon, thinking that is all we get. Who says? Why not show up expecting a whole lot more?

Start to wrap your head and heart around this. Life can give you everything you want. You can live it now.

Maybe you don’t have turkeys strutting your yard, but you can be mindful of all your blessings. A heart of gratitude paves the way for more and more abundance.

Your life expands as you fan out your plumage. As you get the courage to express your true self, your joy will come. The feedback I get my from clients, and in my own experience, confirms it.

Show up to the fountain of life ready to take a big drink. You won’t be disappointed.

(Kelly is a writer, speaker, and coach. To contact, write info@kellyepperson.com or call toll free 888-637-3563. Get Kelly’s fee ebook “7 Steps to Happy Right Now” at www.kellyepperson.com.