Happiness Happens Day can be any day and every day

I write today (August 8, 2012) on what has been declared by the Secret Society of Happy People as the 13th annual Happiness Happens Day. You will read these words after August 8, and that’s okay because I believe every day is Happiness Happens day.

Yes, we accept that sh*t happens, so why not accept that happiness happens too? When you go through your daily life, what is it that you notice? The poo-poo or the good stuff?

Today, let’s see how much of the good stuff will happen. I have noticed in my life that the more I appreciate and recognize the good, I get more of it. It’s simple law of attraction, and holy moly, it works.

To get conversations started on happiness subjects, ask your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc this question: What’s new and good?

Notice the caveat there? We often say, “Hey, what’s new?” and the respondent launches into a list of who is sick, who has died, who is in jail, who is in pain, all the yucky stuff going on the world. Ring any bells?

“Oh, well, I threw my back out last week. The house is infested with ants. I’ve got this weird rash in my armpits. Aunt Marjorie’s neighbor’s second cousin got arrested for making bombs in the basement. The stock prices are falling. Gas prices are going up. The weather sure has been awful. I never did learn how to speak Spanish in high school. That clerk on the grocery store sure is rude. I think the mosquitoes are going to be bad this year.”

And on and on.

When you ask what is new and good, it puts a new spin on it.

“Well, I threw my back out last week, but I met a new doctor who got me back to good, even better. This doc is really wonderful. I haven’t felt this good in long time. I even played golf yesterday morning with Uncle Sam. Haven’t been with him in months. We had a fun time and went to breakfast too. Ran into some old friends and we’re going to play golf with them next week.”

You can implement this experiment at home. At the dinner table with spouse, kids, whoever, simply ask: So what’s new and good today?

The brain starts searching for “good” and will come up with different answers than if you just asked it for “new.”

The brain is an amazing thing. We can re-wire our brains, no matter how old we are. We can learn to focus on the happiness, the new and good. We simply have to notice what we ask, what we are paying attention to.

Some happiness happens quickstarts to get your thinking flowing this way:

What song(s) always makes you feel happy?

What movies(s) always make you feel happy?

What happy stuff has happened this summer?

What happy summer memories do you have from your youth?

What book makes you smile just thinking about it?

What moment(s) from these recent Olympic games make you feel happy?

What food(s) make you happy just smelling or thinking about?

Does this list get your brain moving on to other ways to see where happiness happens?

Let me know when, where, and why happiness happens for you. Today and any day.

(Kelly is a writer/speaker/listener and happiness coach. Get free ebook “7 Steps to Happy Right Now” at www.kellyepperson.com. How to live happy online and live course begins soon -write info@kellyepperson.com or call toll free 888-637-3563.)