Transitioning to a Raw Food Plant Based Diet

The act of choosing what to eat expresses a level of consciousness in a being. A plant based diet is founded on compassion and love for yourself and respect for our planet. It is a step towards well being for yourself and our environment. Transitioning to a raw food plant based diet is a process and unique to each individual and is not an “all or nothing” deal. Some people eliminate red meat, then gradually stop eating and/or reducing other meat, dairy and processed foods. Others jump with both feet in and go raw vegan in one day and never look back. There are very few people in the world that are 100% raw vegan, so do not be hard on yourself and find a balance that works well for you with futuristic goals and you will see yourself regenerate and excel. Many people have the wrong mind set in thinking that a raw food plant based diet is about taking things away from the current Standard American Diet. I suggest that people expand their minds and try replacing some things with better, higher quality, organic whole foods while learning and experiencing the extraordinary changes that take place within you, as it is an amazing ride. A raw food plant based diet is about quality alkaline nutrition that is easy to digest, with an improved level of nutrient absorption. Remember, DIS-ease can not survive in an alkaline state, and raw plant based foods are highly alkalizing, where as meat, dairy and processed foods are acidic.


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  1. My wife and I switched to a plant based diet about 4 months ago. Combined we lost 75 pounds in the first 3 months. Since then the weight loss has been slowed. Not as much left to lose. 🙂

    At first we had no idea what to eat but we have started to find a ton of stuff we liked. Sometimes I look at the food cooking and can’t believe this is what we eat. Then I eat the stuff and it is good. We are not 100% vegan. Still order a veggie pizza with light cheese every couple weeks. We won’t be going back to eating animal products daily though. My taste buds have adjusted and I’m enjoying the foods.

    To make these lifestyle changes you have to be willing to try new stuff. And some of the things you try will be nasty. But once you find 6 to 10 staple recipes you like, you’ll be good to go. We are big fans of forks over knifes and the engine 2 diet books.