Core and Floor Health-Get MOTIVATED!

Many people know that walking is a great way to exercise and stay healthy. Movement that incorporates the core muscles do not have to be particularly specialized or difficult. Walking is an excellent and effective exercise that incorporates all of your core muscles. However, walking for exercise does differ from normal walking done at home or on the job. Incorporating swift movements with arms and trunk in order to walk briskly and increase your heart rate is most effective. Every now and then make your muscles think outside of the box. Walk and move in ways that are not the way you normally walk. Try fast, slow, sideways and back wards.
Be aware of your posture while walking. We have a tendency to hunch forward or suck in our abdominal muscles in order to “stand up straight.” However increasing abdominal pressure and over exaggerating “good” posture can actually create an imbalance in the overall core. Pelvic floor muscles are particularly vulnerable to overactive abdominal and gluteal or buttocks muscles.
Any good core and floor exercise program will include an overall balance of cardio, stretching and simple balance exercises. Your program can include walking, stretching your trunk, arm, and leg muscles, and performing simple leg lifts and lunges performed in a variety of postions. Big weights and heavy equipment not required. This combination of exercises are safe for most all physical abilities and ages. Remember that strength and flexibility are key to an effective and strong core. We do not have to get more weak or less flexible with age. A strong core is the key to creating a strong physical foundation for a healthy happy body.